Switzerland composer “Melodiesinfonie” keeps it bangin’ with another quick set pushed out from the soulection family… Everything and more with what you would expect from this young cat.. The smoothest live sh!t with a pulse, “Wohlklänge EP” tends to incorporate untainted oxygen within a leaky underground hip hop audio substance.. Engage and treat yourself to the wonderful sounds of the bond.. Slap and dap ghhheeaaa!..Hit the continue to read button for more information..

This is a FREE RELEASE, but feel free to donate and support Waldo and Soulection. All for the love; quality & conscious music!
Happy to announce our 22nd release from our Swiss gem Melodiesinfonie. He is back this time with his solo EP entitled ‘Wohlklänge’ which translates as ‘Euphonies’ in english. Melodiesinfonie is known for his flawless collabs with Jazzo who both really stay true to the warm and future-soul vibrations. Wohlklänge EP isn’t just another addition to our catalog, instead it is a reflection of pristine production. Within just four tracks Melodiesinfonie hits us with nothing but constant energy that is pleasing to the ear.
“All the tracks on here are very smooth, chill, and relaxing for the ear. I just want to spread love and positive vibes with these 4 tracks, nothing more. That’s my message always, Spread love and positivity every day.”VIA Soulection and -Melodiesinfonie

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