Milwaukee native Tosa Brooks team up with Mick Jenkins & theMIND for his latest single titled “”Wicked Part II”. A solemn song that deals with the harsh truth that material success does not solve internal issues. At the end of the road, or when you reach the place that was supposed to be your finish line, you find that the external was not what you needed to fix. The issue was that you thought you needed something to complete you. But you were good enough all along. The way you get to where you’re trying to go is by realizing you’re already there.



Tosa  graduated from West Point, in 2015, and proceeded to become an Army officer, and is now pursuing hip-hop full time. Like The Wizard of Oz and Tosa’s life, the album has ups and downs. The songs express innocent joy, confusion, frustration, self-discovery, confronting inner demons, celebrating victories, and accepting shortcomings. The album will be released/distributed independently and every track will be freely downloadable on SoundCloud.




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