You don’t wanna get me gassed, I’m the Hype Mic Man

Those are the loud statements from the rising South London-based grime group who go by the moniker The Trillest. The collective which is made up of DieVerse, DS and JQ is bridging the gap between the OG grime sounds with new contemporary hip-hop and Dancehall styles that pay homage to the music that raised them in their youth. Backed by the bass-heavy, energetic soundscape provided by DS Gryme, The Trillest go straight to work with their distinctive off-kilter cadence steeped in South London street slang with a touch of innovation and spirit of resilience. No stone is left unturned in each verse and audiences can feel their passion in every line like “Watch the stage take flight, as soon as I grab that mic/My adrenaline fuels on sight/Open my mouth for the very first time“. This is a definite solid jam that would get the crowd riled up in concerts and it is a perfect addition to your exercise playlist.




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