The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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N.R.M.N – “Abstract”


N.R.M.N is a student of the rap game and it shows in his new release titled “Abstract”. The track is a blend of jazz and boom bap reminiscent of the 90s and showcases his animated flow and vivid lyrics.



Dewon – “Steering Wheel”

Dewon takes the “Steering Wheel” in his new single. The sombre and brooding soundscape is underpinned by airy and alluring melodic runs and heartfelt songwriting that digs deep into the soul. The rapper reflects on his experiences with his environment and his daily struggles and finding one’s self-worth.


Undefxned – “IFFY”

Undefxned shares his elf-produced single titled “IFFY” on our list. The track has a moody and eerie soundscape and sparse groove while his lyrical style is a blend of insight and bravado.





Henry Aberson teams up with Brian Hargrove (Roy Hargrove’s brother) and vocalist Dyna Erie for this sublime and heartfelt single titled “Your Lady”. The record is a blend of jazz and soul and it’s quite rich with its layered instrumentation made up of lush piano keys by Brian and smooth guitar plucks and grooves by Henry. Dyna sure delivers a brilliant performance with her soothing melodic runs and commanding vocal tone.


ATO-MIK – “Smoke em if you Got em”

The rap duo  ATO-MIK  which is made up of brothers Atom & Mikey Mic got something new for us in the form of their new single titled “Smoke em if you Got em”. The record has a sublime and hazy vibe with its crisp guitar licks and moody textures and the brothers deliver a laidback and somewhat nonchalant performance ripe with vivid lyricism and a bit of melody in the flow.

T Clipse – “Heart and Soul


“Heart and Soul” is T Clipse’s 2nd leading single taken from his upcoming album scheduled for release in December. The track has a sombre and reflective vibe but the rapper employs an animated and bravado-laden approach and showcases his style in all its glory.



S.D Flame – Soul Boy


Emerging rapper S.D Flame delivers the new single Soul Boy” which serves as an aspirational and uplifting tune aimed to lift the spirits of the listeners. Over a bouncy club-ready soundscape, the rapper digs deep and reflects on his journey and the ups and downs. He acknowledges the hardships but with determination and resilience, he finds his center.





Aryeh-Or – “No Good Reason


Aryeh-Or caught our ears with “No Good Reason”, a blend of r&b and hiphop that showcases his unique songwriting. The record is bolstered by sombre pianos and punchy drums that blend with vivid rap lyrics and soothing melodic runs by the vocalist. The duo also delivers a seamless back-and-forth in the second verse. This is the first song of Aryeh-Or’s recently released Yesterday’s Lovers E.



Dustan – “Death’s Door


Born in Houston, Tx, LA-based rapper Dustan reflects on his life and inner struggles on “Death’s Door”. The track is as sombre as they come and sees the rapper pouring his heart on wax. It’s quite revealing and honest.




Brounin – “PM|AM”


Brounin shares his new release “PM|AM”, a beat-changing tune that starts off pretty energetic and seamlessly flows into a mellow, and somewhat sublime track. The earlier part pm sees Brounin on the move while the am section is relaxing as we see him more laidback which vividly describes his mornings.





emerging rapper SIVH  comes through with the new single “ESCALADE“, an aspirational tune that details his come-uppance. Over a smooth funky soul soundscape, he reflects on his journey from the bottom and the many obstacles he scaled over to get to where he is now.





Pozzie Mazerati – “Stash It”


Producer/songwriter Pozzie Mazerati makes an entry on the list with “Stash It”, a synth-driven hard-hitting tune that showcases her stylish and sultry vocal style. The lyrics are sharp and vivid and her flow is edgy as well.




Son of Sun – “PSYOP”

Son of Sun makes his entry on our list with “PSYOP”, a thought-provoking and insightful tune that explores the dark side of social media and technological advancement, from underhanded private data mining, fake news, deepfake videos to numerous disinformation. In summary, don’t believe anything you see or hear.

Zigzilla – “Wake Up”

Zigzilla drops “Wake Up” which serves as the first single from his debut solo album. Over a funky and bass-laden soundscape produced by 9 Theory , Zigzilla delivers a laidback and reflective performance. He is also joined by vocalist Ashley Mazanec who adds a smooth melodic hook to the track.

Kill Szn – “Back 2 Back”

Kill Szn delivers this eerie and dark tune titled “Back 2 Back”. Bolstered by the distorted basslines, and brooding textures, he delivers his verses in a whispered tone and the lyrics are intentional as well.

VSN – “Milan”

VSN gets in his element in his new single “Milan” where he flexes on the detractors with bravado raps , a catchy hook over a sublime and exotic punchy soundscape.

Taurean Meacham – “BaeCation”

DC-based hip-hop artist Taurean Meacham shares the new single “BaeCation” from his new album Aloha Noir II’. The track sees him pouring adulations and splurging on his woman. Over a sublime and soothing soundscape, he gives her the best things in life.

Ha$h – “The Grimiest” (feat. Jake Strain)

Ha$h teams up with Jake Strain for this bar-heavy tune titled “The Grimiest”. As the title suggests, the beat is punchy ad the lyrics are graphic and the duo holds nothing back with unadulterated bars.

Oge Stan – “El Olam”

Oge Stan is a Nigerian Gospel singer who shares her new single “El Olam” which is a Song of Reference, Exaltation, Adoration and worship to the Everlasting God of Heaven and Earth. The song is made up of lush piano riffs, warm textures and smooth horns with soft drum grooves to boot. The lyrics pour adulation and praise on God.

Mark Dwyer – “Bruce Wayne”

Emerging rapper Mark Dwyer embodies the mentality of the DC character “Bruce Wayne”. Over a punchy bass-driven soundscape, he shares his tale and humble beginnings and compares it to Bruce but in the opposite but having a steel will and determination got him out the bottom.


Eyez97 – “1AM Freestyle”

Eyez97 first released his debut EP From Here On in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. His new release “1AM Freestyle” is a laidback and reflective tune that sees him freestyling a majority of it with a hook to match. He did it just to challenge himself and it came out pretty solid.

The Eska – “Demons in My Head”

Genre-bending multilingual, multicultural independent artist who goes by the moniker The Eska shares new single “Demons in My Head”. The track is cinematic and punchy and dives into his inner demons and his fight to break through. Armed with his energetic flow and candid lyricism, he gives listeners a true display of emotions with aspirational elements that aim to motivate us.


Producer TAL THE1 teams up with Che Noir and 7xvethegenius for this cinematic piece titled “1&ONLY”. The production is rich and layered with soothing guitar riffs and warm textures and the lyricism from the rappers is vivid and candid. The track is also bolstered by a radio-ready hook.

Yxng Wolf – “Boats”

“Boats” is a dark and moody record by Yxng Wolf who delivers an off-beat performance ripe with soothing melodic runs and somewhat unfiltered lyrics to boot. The soundscape is eerie and cinematic and his commanding vocal styling is engaging.



Max Gertler – “Feel Some”

“Feel Some” is a track off of Max Gertler’s sophomore LP, Jesus Cyphs Superstar. The track is a laidback and soulful tune that is made up of soothing vocal samples and soft drum grooves that blend with Max’s laidback and unassuming flow and vivid lyrics that dive into his life and daily struggles.

roung – “Anvil Air”

The new duo from Baltimore known as roung caught our ears with their new single “Anvil Air”,an atmospheric and airy track ripe with layered soundscapes and vivid lyricism.


Morgan Myers – “The Journey”


Morgan Myers‘s “The Journey” is a heartfelt song that details his journey as a young man growing up in a harsh environment and how he found his way out of the doldrums. over the somber and melancholic soundscape, he gives listeners a glimpse into his life and the ups and downs.

MidCentury Modern x Newselph x DJ Because x Evitan – “Mad Men (Remix)”

“Mad Men (Remix)” sees MidCentury Modern, Newselph team up with DJ Because and newly formed rap duo Evitan, made up of 2 hip-hop legends as Dres of Black Sheep and Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest. the track is an ode to hip-hop as the emcees remind us of this beautiful culture we all love. Scratches by DJ Because.

Shawn Mocey x YJO x HosseinAmin – “Pray for ‘Em”

Shawn Mocey, YJO and producer HosseinAmin team up for “Pray for ‘Em”, a cinematic and insightful piece that dives into self-growth, negative thoughts and how detractors can derail one from achieving our goals.

James Gardin -“CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP”

James Gardin crafts the perfect winning anthem with his new single “CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP” which drops triumphantly on our list. The Keepitphilthy-produced horn-driven track is an uplifting and aspirational tune that aims to inject listeners with some extra motivation. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is the perfect record for your workout routine, highlight reel, and when you’re getting ready for the day.

ArieS. – “Pick You Up”

ArieS‘s single “Pick You Up” is a herb-inspired tune that is both uplifting and nostalgic. Over a dreamy and sublime soundscape, the emcee delivers a feel-good jam that you can roll a fat one to while rolling down the block in a topless ride.

Dwayne Swayze – “3 Deep”

Dwayne Swayze delivers a hard-hitting joint in the form of his new single “3 Deep” which helps close the list. Over a soulful and nostalgic texture laced with punchy drums, he delivers vivid bars that listeners can rock with.

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