Rising UK Hip-Hop artist Kwoli Black recently put out his 6-track project Can I Speak and now he returns with the visuals for the title track. The reflective record is a showcase of vulnerability and self-acceptance as the rising rapper sheds the emotional weight tying him down. Over the soulful and sombre soundscape made up of lush vocal samples, prevalent basslines and soulful pads, Kwoli pours his heart with lines like “Tell my demons, can’t win today/ heavy feels, gotta work it out/Lift this weight up off my chest/Nowadays we chasing clout/You playing checkers, I mastered chess, patience is the only route“. The aptly titled track is a tone-setter and gives new audiences a glimpse into who Kwoli Black is.

The accompanying visual starts off with a playful talk show with an over-the-top host who pokes fun at Kwoli Black’s flaws with humorous quips. The host serves as Kwoli’s inner demons which he eventually has to confront as he gets his chance to speak with an emotion-stirring performance.

“Can I Speak” is the title track from Kwoli Black’s project which sees him teaming with close collaborator JSTRNGS who produced the entire produced. Kwoli also recruits the talented singer-songwriter Karl Benjamin and the soulful South London enchantress Bina.

Listen  to “Can I Speak” Here


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