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We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Lizzy Waps – “Thanos (One Snap)”

South London’s Lizzy Waps is an emerging rap act who burst into the scene in 2018 and now she is back with a verbal gauntlet on her new release aptly titled “Thanos (One Snap).” Backed by producer MobzBeatz’s abrasive bass-driven backdrop, Waps takes the listener to the back alleys where anything could happen. Her presence can be felt with each line solidifying her street certification and insight into her life.

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Chie & King Bracket – “Erry Day Mk3”

Our UK brethren are ramping up the list as we get a solid video from South East MC and producer duo Chie and King Bracket. The track in question is titled “Erry Day MK3” and it’s a gloomy , cinematic piece that blends boom-bap aesthetics with edgy lyrics. The track was recorded before the pandemic but sure fits the current situation while the video captures various sights of London in it’s near dystopian vibe.

The track is from the duo’s  Steezy Wonders LP, out Sep 4th on Brain Scran Records. Pre-order available now at on Vinyl, CD, and Cassette.

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Sofila – “Incomplete”

Emerging singer/songwriter Sofila makes her entry on our list with her eclectic soulful music. her new record titled “Incomplete” is a laidback moody track that explores the craziness and unpredictability of the world we live in. Armed with a sultry honeyed vocal style, Sofila takes an introspective look on the way life is and it’s pretty gloomy from her perspective but there is always a silver lining somewhere




Dom Chronicles – “Feels So Good”

Dom Chronicles’ “Feels So Good” sees him reflecting on life and all the variables that come with it. Backed by a soulful vocal sample, Dom takes it one step at a time and soaks in his victories while acknowledging the pitfalls.



Lou Prime x Dougie Allen – “Rockits”

“Rockits” by Lou Prime and Dougie Allen is very introspective and sees the duo exploring their past till now. They take the listeners down memory lane and give us some insightful world view and then some from their hometown of LA.

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Exmiranda – “Fresh Fro”

Exmiranda’s “Fresh Fro” is a self affirmative anthem that talks about the fetishization of black hair and the need for every black woman to be confident with the way her hair is.  Backed by a funky production, Exmiranda takes ownership of her afro-textured mane like a queen while imploring other women to do the same.

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Olvo x Mr.Clasik – “Working All Day”

Olvo and Mr. Clasik team up for this 9 to 5 anthem titled “Working All Day” which showcases the ups and downs of blue-collar workers. The track has a nice warm texture and 4 to the floor bounce that fits the honest, relatable lyrics that pay homage to the men and women working their asses all week.

“Working All Day” is the third single from Olvo’s upcoming album named «Limitless Possibilities». The LP features many guests including Témé Tan, Magic Malik, Laryssa Kim and many more.




Tone Ez – “4 Huey”


Tone Ez pays homage to the late St. Louis Legend  Baby Huey  on his new track “4 Huey.” Backed by a soulful sample and somewhat sparse drum arrangement, Tone Ez takes time to reflect on his life from losing his job, paying rent, and getting back on track among other things. Available On A Streaming Platforms here.




Mostly George x Salie Xander x Kritya x Rapture Muziq x Sly Genz x Sinntek x Godsun Da Faraoh x Izzedup – “Tha Cypher”


Mostly George rounds up 7 hip-hop acts to join him on an international collaboration titled “Tha Cypher.” The track features one emcee from each of these countries Hungary, Transylvania, Nigeria, South Africa, Jamaica, Germany, USA, Serbia who all come through with their individual styles. The track is from Mostly George’s double LP ‘BPMODE.



Bass DAlingo – “Gotham”

Emerging NY emcee Bass DAlingo makes his entry on our list with this soulful tribute track titled “Gotham.” The emcee takes us deep into the 5 boroughs of NY and shares some insightful stories filled with heartfelt and vivid imageries. Get it on Soundcloud.




Kham – “BOTHAM”

Kham tackles systemic racism, police brutality, and more on his thought-provoking track titled “BOTHAM.” He goes for an unapologetic perspective and talks about the various incidents that have affected black folks over the decades and how things haven’t really changed. Speaking up against something that has plagued America for years, Kham is trying to bring awareness to the matter but also educate those that may not be understanding of what is going on.

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April Maey – “Somebody” (feat. Citymonstar)

Emerging singer April Maey teams up with rapper/producer Citymonstar on her new single titled “Somebody.” The track has a lo-fi soul vibe and captures Maey’s confident melodic performance that is also unapologetic and sultry. The way she delivers her verses is quite unique and doesn’t pander to the norm one bit. Her vocals have this somewhat gruff and alluring feel that exudes an edgy demeanor while her songwriting is solid too. Joining her is Citymonstar who drops a quick verse towards the tail end.

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DanimaL x Oxymoron – “Intruder”

DanimaL teams up with Oxymoron for this dark twisted track titled  “Intruder.” The track is very ominous and sees both emcees spin a gloomy tale of murder, death, and gore. It’s quite explicit and not for the faint-hhearted so beware.

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Kaleel Carpè – “Auntie”

Kaleel Carpè reflects on personal issues on his new song simply titled “Auntie.” The introspective track is very solemn and sees Carpè reflective on family life especially one concerning his auntie and her drug addiction. It’s quite harrowing and honest. Get it on Apple Music.



Kabashi – “Slice Em Up”

Kabashi shares his thoughts about breaking into the music industry on his new single “Slice Em Up.” Backed by a mid-tempo, moody beat, Kabashi delivers a passionate performance that dives into the dynamics and domino effect of being successful in the music industry. It’s quite heartwarming and insightful as well.
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