The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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BhramaBull x Monday Night – “Balcony Status”

Rising producer BhramaBull and Underground rapper Monday Night show us their view in their new release “Balcony Status”. Over a cinematic and brooding backdrop, Monday Night delivers a vivid detail of the block, compiling different events and various characters who weave in and out of his verbal tapestry. This is the 2nd single off my highly anticipated album Evolution 4.

Lynx the Indigo Child – “Without”

Producer/rapper/songwriter Lynx the Indigo Child caught our ears with his new release titled “Without”. Backed by a reflective and soulful soundscape, Lynx pours his frustrations on wax about the many things he can do without. From fake love, stressful 9-5 and unnecessary drama, Lynx aims to sever any connection to things that would derail him from his true goals as he rebrands himself for 2023.



David E Beats – “Enough”

Washington DC-based rapper David E Beats has had “Enough” of the current situation as he pours his frustration out over an anthemic soundscape. He is quite unapologetic with how the way the world is now and he gives listeners a candid take on the issues he is facing. “Enough” is the first single off the EP called Renai$$ance.


“3-Card’s Outro / It’s Been A While” (Feat. 3-Card) [Prod. DEANBADDIE], by Mugabi Byenkya

Mugabi Byenkya teams up with his blood brother 3-Card for this reflective “3-Card’s Outro / It’s Been A While” which serves as the outro to his mixtape. The track is produced by DEANBADDIE who crafts a bouncy and eerie soundscape for the artists to address some pertinent real-time issues ranging from writer’s block, depression, addiction and other intimate personal issues.



Raki Lenz – “Solo”

Raki Lenz gives us a glimpse into his life in his new song “Solo”. Over a sombre and solemn soundscape, he shares his life’s journey and the ups and downs that have affected him and made him tick.

Philo – “Spring Break II”

Philo‘s “Spring Break II” is a song taken from his new album 3L. The track is an introspective account of the young man’s recent past and the various experiences that shaped him. From balancing school, a regular job and working through the dynamics of being a young adult. Philo looks back with no regrets and takes every setback as a learning experience.





Brandonrxse – “Luv Me”

After showing us what happens at “6AM in Arizona”, emerging rapper Brandonrxse returns with “Luv Me”. The track is a mellow laidback and reflective tune that sees the rapper looking at his journey to success and all the pitfalls that lie in wait. He acknowledges the craziness but his perseverance and indomitable spirit kept him going on.




88N8 – “Parentless”

Chi-town Recording artist 88N8 (pronounced 88-Nate) shares his own personal and intimate account of his relationship with his parents in this heartfelt record titled “Parentless”. Over a bouncy and soulful soundscape, 88N8 pens an open letter to his parents with whom he has a somewhat rocky relationship with. From the good and bad times, he gives listeners a nuanced view of things with much detail and how death can really impact one’s outlook on this thing called life.

Father Baker – “Spirits”

Father Baker‘s new release “Spirits” is an introspective and sombre record that dwells on personal loss and also an homage to the ones he lost and all the memories he has with them. Armed with his stylish melodic flow and vivid lyricism, he gives listeners a glimpse into his thoughts and the dynamics of dealing with pain from within.

Trensettaa – “The Rebrand”


Trensettaa‘s “The Rebrand” is him retracing his steps and correcting his mistakes. Over a bass-heavy and cinematic soundscape, he delivers an animated performance ripe with unapologetic lines and a go-getter spirit, he reminds listeners that he is back on his grind and ready to take on the world.

BLAQ GENIUS – “Coin Flip”


BLAQ GENIUS‘s “Coin Flip” is a vivid tale of looking back on the past and how these crazy experiences and situations made them who they are. Over a smooth soulful soundscape, the duo takes us back in time with detailed accuracy deep into their stomping grounds in BK, New York.

Bullet Brak – “That’s a Fact”

Bullet Brak‘s “That’s a Fact” is a heartfelt gaol chasing driven tune that details the journey of a young man who is trying to make it in this music industry. Over a sparse and punchy soundscape, he takes us deep into his daily struggles and how he perseveres through it all.

Miss Benzo – “Hello 2023”

Miss Benzo is manifesting nothing but success in her new uplifting tune titled “Hello 2023”. Over a bass-heavy and bouncy soundscape, she ushers in the new year with a go-getter mindset. She sets aside all negativities and things of the past behind her and moves with positive and intentional energy.

NugLife – HYPNOSIS FREESTYLE” featuring The God Fahim

NugLife and The God Fahim forge alliances to bring us their newest effort titled “HYPNOSIS FREESTYLE”. The production is laidback and melancholic with its soothing vocal sample, warm soulful keys and punchy drums to match Fahim’s graphic lyrical schemes laced with bravado and insight.

S.Crow – “Upstanding”

S.Crow‘s newest release “Upstanding” is an off-kilter but engaging track that once again showcases the rapper’s non-conformist style. The production is a mix of boom-bap drums, experimental textures and excellent sound design, all underpinned by S.Crow’s vivid lyrics that dwell on life in Oakland and the desire to be a responsible grown-up.

Armed Rhymery – “Motions Emotions”

Armed Rhymery made up of Lafayette native, Kween Mo, and New Orleans native, Edward X returns with a new single “Motions Emotions”. The genre-bending tune is made up of sombre and reflective keys and bouncy drums and sees the duo sharing their thoughts on the importance of finding peace and euphoria while going through the cycles of life. They acknowledge that life will always throw us for a loop but one has to find time to clear the mind and recharge our chakras away from the madness.

Rahseed Defoe – “Reddest Note Pt. 2”


Rahseed Defoe presents “Reddest Note Pt. 2”, a new single from his stash. The track produced by Math-Mic is lo-fi in style and has well-crafted sample chops and drums that are underpinned by Rahseed’s energetic and animated performance.

Lyrics by Caine x Fred Ex – “Hard Work and Motivation”

“Hard Work and Motivation” is an uplifting track by rappers Lyrics by Caine and Fred Ex . The track is the anthem for go-getters and hustlers out here who are doing what they must to survive another day. Both artists share the ups and downs of life where things might not go our way but with perseverance and determination, one can achieve the impossible.

Manco Wilder – “Les Legions Noires”

Emerging rap artist Manco Wilder leads the charge with “Les Legions Noires”. The song is the second single from his upcoming project, due out at the end of this month. Bolstered by moody and lo-fi sample chops and punchy boombap drums, the rapper brings to the fore his distinct and wild lyricism.

Huey Mantra x MIKEYMARRIS – “Combo Meal”


The duo of Huey Mantra and MIKEYMARRIS hit the playlist with the classic “Combo Meal”. Over a soulful and jazzy soundscape, the duo takes turns with no holds barred flows that listeners can rock with.

Thelo – “no free promo”


Thelo makes his appearance on our playlist with “no free promo”, an off-kilter 90s-inspired record that blends hard-hitting beats with a stream-of-consciousness rap. Thelo teams up with Ben Beal and together they deliver a nostalgia-induced track ripe with fiery raps underpinned by tape saturation and lofi aesthetics.

Jodye Basco – “Playaground”


UK-based South African artist Jodye Basco helps close out this week’s list with his new release “Playaground”. The production has a sublime and moody vibe that is part r&B and lofi and sees Basco in his element as he kicks the game to the shorty that caught his eye.

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