Bay Area-based MC Singer/Songwriter  LiL MC shares the visuals for her bravado laced single “This My Year.” The track has a solid thumping backdrop courtesy of producer Unlearn the World and a lot of fiery lyrics who doesn’t hold back punches from the jump. Lines like “Rap game small but your ego big/ now you wanna change your name like Ocho Cinco did/You the bomb? Tell me what the launch code is, Bitch I’m blowing up like Galaxy smartphones did” help solidify her stance as a lyricist breaking gender restrictions in her own way.

The video was shot just before the global lockdown and sees her working with director Theodore Maider of Damn Good Capture. The approach here is quite eclectic and captures Lil MC’s eccentric and expressive style in many ways. We get to see a body-positive painting by Lillian Hansen, Knife skills by Q’uin De La Noche, ballet by Jane the Message, capoeira by Armando Baqueta.

Get it on iTunes and Spotify below.

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