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Flare Tha Rebel – “P.O.P. Off”

Flare Tha Rebel got a lot on his mind as he delivers an energetic single titled “P.O.P. Off.” A solid mix of bravado and politically charged lyrics, Flare takes narrow-minded folks to the task and questions their flawed beliefs. He also tackles racial discrimination, injustice, and police brutality over an anthemic and punchy backdrop. “P.O.P. Off” will be featured on Flare’s upcoming EP.



60 East – “Invincible”

60 East embodies the powers of the comic book hero “Invincible.” Backed by the moody and dynamic production from Serf, 60 East delivers a bravado-laden performance ripe with vivid imagery and witty lines that cements his status as a super lyricist.
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Marvo Fivestarsz – “No Excuses”

UK emcee Marvo Fivestarsz finds a way to keep his wits about him on this heartfelt track titled “No Excuses.” The song is quite a motivational tune and serves as a self propellant for the artist as he reflects on his losses including the death of his mother due to covid-19 and more. He realizes that there are no excuses and one has to just keep going.



Alsndra – “Trust”

Canadian singer Alsndra returns with the sultry single “Trust” where she fully embodies her seductive persona. Over the punchy bass-laden backdrop, she delivers a sensual performance ripe with vivid imagery imploring listeners to let go of their inhibitions.
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Aaronic Dorsey – “Ice Cream”

“Ice Cream” is a heartfelt and honest love song by Aaronic Dorsey who delivers a tale of an individual who is in the friend zone and is looking for a way to share his feelings with the love of his life. It’s quite relatable.
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Jameel Mason – “Black Queens”

Jameel Mason pays homage to all the “Black Queens” with this heartfelt and adulation-filled song. Over a sublime and ethereal backdrop, he shows the great attributes of all the black women out there making something out of nothing.
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neKa – “Black Magik”


Charlotte, NC-based emcee neKa drops some timeless jewels on her new single “Black Magik.” Over a punchy eclectic backdrop, she dives into self-determination and growth with personal anecdotes and time-tested examples. “Black Magik” is taken from her debut EP titled, GOD Sense.
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Douggy C – “John Candy”


Douggy C‘s new single “John Candy” is a reflective and heartfelt track that dwells on leaving 2020 in the past. With the craziness around him, he finds an outlet with his art and clears out the skeletons in his closet.
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Naman – “Type O”


“Type O” is the 2nd single from Naman‘s upcoming EP, Bloom & Blister. The track has a dark punchy trap texture and sees the rapper in a carefree mood with bravado lyrics to match.
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LewiBlue x SharpaBlue – “IPP”


The duo made up of LewiBlue and SharpaBlue make their way on our site with the hard-hitting track titled “IPP.” The title is a reference to the abolished UK law where Those given an IPP sentence are placed on license indefinitely after release and are only eligible to have their license removed after 10 years. The duo shares their thoughts on the issues and ho it affects individuals on different levels. This is quite revealing and honest all day.
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L.O.U. & Big O – “Avenue Of The Aspects” (Feat. Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb & Shari)


L.O.U. and Big O‘s new single “Avenue Of The Aspects” see them linking with rappers Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb, and Shari. The squad convene and deliver insightful and reflective verses over Big O’s soulful texture. “Avenue Of The Aspects” is the second single from the upcoming collaboration album from L.O.U. & Big O called Journey of Choices: (An Awakening Mind).
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MRG – “Young ‘N Hopeless (YNH)”


Queens, New York native MRG dives into the delicate topics of mental health and hopelessness son his new single “Young ‘N Hopeless (YNH)” which also comes with a video. Over a bouncy and punchy backdrop, he shares his experience as a young man trying to get his life right despite the numerous hurdles within and the external forces pushing against him
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Brandon Doret – “Image”


Brandon Doret‘s “Image” pays homage to the natural beauty of black women across the globe. Over a smooth backdrop, he pours adulation on black women and encourages them to embrace their natural melanin beauty from their glowing skin, unique hair, and more. It’s a solid contribution to women’s history month. The video is shot and edited by @directedbyserge.
“Image” is now available for streaming here.


Marcus “M-Positive” Parker – “I Choose Happy”

rapper/author MarcusM-PositiveParker‘s newest single “I Choose Happy” aims to uplift and implore listeners to ignore the negativities and stay happy regardless of the situation by being steadfast in their core beliefs.




BROWN_BUDDHA – “luv // hate” Featuring maassai

Producer BROWN_BUDDHA links up with rapper Maassai on this new track titled “luv // hate.” Ripe with lofi and experimental elements and insightful lyrics from Maassai. It’s taken from his latest beat tape Persian Rugs & Dark Skin.




S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv – “Naym_Brnd”


S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and B.Positiv take time to reflect on a myriad of issues on the reflective cut titled “Naym_Brnd” Over a smooth drumless jazzy backdrop, they reflect on consumerism, name brands, social media, and the internal effects it has on us as humans.
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Tommy – “Lied Again”

Emerging artist Tommy is an Ocean County New Jersey-born native but raised in Las Vegas. On his newest release titled “Lied Again,” he takes the listener into his life where he has made mistakes and is o the road to redemption.

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TNV x Die-Rek – “Jerseys to the Rafters” feat: Die-Rek

TNV teams up with Die-Rek for the game-inspired “Jerseys to the Rafters” where both emcees deliver vivid lyrics er a Grimmy cinematic backdrop.


The Scribes – “Stir Crazy” (Remix by Krisengebeat)


Krisengebeat delivers his own remix of The Scribes’s “Stir Crazy”. The track gets a new life with punchy boom-bap drums, dreamy textures, and a solid bassline to match.



Lawrence Okolie – “TKO”

UK boxer/rapper Lawrence Okolie delivers the video for his bravado-laden track “TKO” as he prepares for the WBO cruiserweight title against Poland’s Krzysztof Glowacki. The track is just Okolie flexing and splurging over a lush boomy backdrop and having fun. The track is his debut release as a rapper and would be his ring walk music.


Jay Rydel x JAZ – “Stay Young”


Singer/songwriter/producer Jay Rydel teams up with JAZ for this heartfelt and reflective collaboration titled “Stay Young.” The track dives into the fear of aging and how social media and society as a whole throws shade at the thought of it. He reflects on it and accepts it as his will with pride as he plans to live life to the max before time runs out
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