Peckham based MC Marvo Fivestarsz makes his debut on TWIB with this emotion-filled single entitled “Without (Chinwe).” A solemn piece dedicated to his late mother who unfortunately succumbed to the dreaded COVID-19 virus. The song truly showcases Fivestarsz’s songwriting which comes across as very honest and unfiltered. He doesn’t approach it from a tear-filled place but rather uses the song to celebrate his mother’s life and the great influence she had on him in all aspects.

After the tragedy occurred, Marvo locked himself in his room to write music. As it is to many people in the world, music is an outlet to let out emotions and Marvo uses this medium to express his love to his mother. Marvo sends his love to those who have lost someone in this pandemic, and “Without (Chinwe)” will touch everyone’s hearts.

“Without (Chinwe)” is his first single since his hiatus.

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