We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Omni San – “The New Me”

Omni San opens up the list with “The New Me”, a speaker banging beat ripe with anthemic synths and stabs layered over thick bass-heavy drums. The dynamics are engaging as well and it’s well crafted.





AG Flux – “The River Flows”

AG Flux‘s “The River Flows” is a mellow cinematic tune that is ripe with moody and sublime textures. From airy guitar riffs played by Taylor Scott, layered sound design, and soft trap drums, listeners are transported into a different space and time with this soul-stirring piece.





Repeter T – “Keys n Crunch”

Repeter T got something for us this week with his new release titled “Keys n Crunch”. The jazz-infused lo-fi boom-bap track is brimming with heavenly horns, lush piano riffs, punchy drums, and warm textures to boot.





VMusikPR – “Búya”

Puerto Rico-based producer VMusikPR makes his way with his new release “Búya”. The track is a trap-infused beat ripe with orchestral and cinematic soundscapes. From haunting choral vocals, somber anthemic strings, and pulsating synth lines, he delivers a smooth mix of sounds that grips the ears from start to finish.


80 – “Jarvis”

Amsterdam-based producer 80 returns with “Jarvis”, a punchy haunting beat ripe with crunchy boom-bap drum grooves lush guitar plucks and airy textures. It also infuses some elements of triphop in an unusual way but the result is brilliant.



Marottes – “Empath (Wander Remix)”


Marottes‘s “Empath (Wander Remix)” is cinematic, dark, and haunting all at once. The slow build-up and dynamic sound design is excellent and exude an almost scenic feel like a scene out of a horror sci-fi flick.



WhitMo – “Ramen”


Producer WhitMo drops his new beat “Ramen” on our list and it’s brilliant. It’s a solid blend of jazz, soul, and hip-hop, The warm keys do stand out and the horns come to play in the chorus section while the somber keys are well crafted and add that nostalgic element to the track.



Astronomers of the Strange – “Blaze Glows”


Genre-bending Los Angeles-based band Astronomers of the Strange make their entry with their new single “Blaze Glows” which is the 19th song they have released. The track is moody and somewhat somber with its layered strings, melodic hums and brooding textures layered over soft percussions.


Yuzostate – “Skyline Marathon”


“Skyline Marathon” by Yuzostate is a dreamy beat with atmospheric and sublime textures. The somber piano riffs are well crafted and crunchy drum grooves align perfectly with the mellow vibes.

Non-Fungible Albums – “Late Promises”


Non-Fungible Albums presents “Late Promises” a pop/neo soul beat ripe with nostalgic elements. It has lush synths, and warm pads with 80s-styled brazzy arpeggios with bouncy drums too.



Joe Zoe – “Sunset Cruisin'”



Producer Joe Zoe helped close out this week with some good old west coast summer vibes with his new release “Sunset Cruisin'”. From G funk bass lines, lush crispy textures and a solid drum groove to boot,he helps capture the glimmers of urban California summers.

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