We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Scott Royal – “Rainy Daze”

Scott Royal opens up the list with “Rainy Daze,” a melow sublime piece ripe with lush keys, heavenly horn stabs, and sublime basslines and drums to match.




Jomy – Slow down”

Jomy  brings something refreshing our way with this new release titled Slow down.” The guitar-driven track is soulful punchy and has a nostalgia-inducing vibe as well.




DJ Unknown – “She:Her:Bot”


Toronto-based producer/DJ DJ Unknown returns to our list from his busy schedule as Droid repairman with a new release titled “She:Her:Bot.” This is yet another solid tune that brings soul with boom-bap and lofi aesthetics in a seamless mix.



RINZ. x Early Garden – “Busy Branches”


RINZ. and Early Garden team up for this elegant instrumental titled “Busy Branches.” The result is a blend of lofi aesthetics with live instrumentation from crisp textures, lush guitar arrangements, mellow tones, and dynamic grooves to boot.





BuuBeats – “Old School”

BuuBeats‘  “Old School” is a laidback cinematic piece that makes use of somber strings, pulsating bass synths with snapping drums. It has a reflective aesthetic as well and it’s well-crafted from start to finish.



Jonny Rythmns – “Operation Exploration”

Jonny Rythmns  brings something refreshing with his new release “Operation Exploration.” From the spaced out arrangement, electro-rock elements with ethereal textures, the track has a unique feel and bounce.



TREE60 x Bastelbande – “Radio Clock”

TREE60 and Bastelbande check on with us with their “Radio Clock.” The retro-fitted track has a somber jazz piano riff, somber horn stabs, alluring vocal chops, and punchy drums as well. The track is the fourth single taken from their collaboration EP entitled Transmission FM.


Jaybkird Locsta – “57 SAUCE”

Jaybkird Locsta makes his entry on our site with “57 SAUCE,” a bass-heavy tune ripe with trippy sounds and a crunchy drum groove. It sure has some interesting elements that give it that extra oomph.


Phil N. DeBlank – “A Bootlegged Recording of a Song Called Beautiful”

“A Bootlegged Recording of a Song Called Beautiful” is a jazz-infused lofi instrumental from Phil N. DeBlank. The laidback tune has a cinematic and calming effect and the sparse arrangement is quite gripping too.


Sherlock Bones – “Easy Street”

UK producer Sherlock Bones delivers this easy listening instrumental titled “Easy Street” on our list. The drums here are smooth and soft and the textures have a reflective feel and it’s perfect to vibe to.



Copenhagen-based UK producer ERAAN drops a new instrumental single “OUT OF THE DARKNESS” which sees him blending soulful vibes with cinematic textures and punchy drums. The track is quite layered and perfect for a freestyle session.


Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Walk In The Woods”

Johnboybeats & Plon B. return with something new titled  “Walk In The Woods.” The track has a bright and summery vibe that reminds one of the mid 00s production from Dilla. The record is pretty solid from start to finish.


Fifthstory Music – “Monterey Silver”

Fifthstory Music drops this lofi goodness titled “Monterey Silver.” The track has punchy drums, dreamy textures and moody strings that take listeners down memory lane.


Tesk – “Glow”

German producer Tesk shares some “Glow” as he drops his new instrumental on our list. The laidback soulful jam is bouncy and reflective and is a perfect chill track to study to.



PLFG – “More Than Just A Pretty Face”


PLFG shares new instrumental titled “More Than Just A Pretty Face” a mellow r&B infused lofi jam ripe with dreamy textures, soothing vocal runs, and a bouncy drum groove to boot.


Coujo – “neverland”


Coujo’s “Neverland” is a soothing beat ripe with solemn vocal chops, lush guitar riffs and solemn textures layered over a mellow punchy drum groove.





German producer GrinZ taps into the lo fi genre with his new release “LOFI DREAMS.” The track has a soulful and reflective texture and soft drums, it’s quite atmospheric too and really opens up as it progresses.

Gruber Han$ – “Desires”

Gruber Han$‘s “Desires” is a chilled emotive tune ripe with cinematic synths and a punchy groove to boot.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Hold On To Hope”

Hardworking producer Ogi feel the Beat shares this solemn and reflective beat titled “Hold On To Hope.” The track has a melancholic vibe made up of soft low tones, lush guitar riffs, and laidback drum grooves.

Softdrop – “Overnight”


Softdrop delivers something new in the form of this sublime jazz-infused record titled “Overnight” The basslines are steady and guitar plucks are smooth as well.

DaMarcus VanBuren – “Drip (Karaoke Version)”

DaMarcus VanBuren‘s latest effort “Drip (Karaoke Version)” aims to get listeners moving. The track has a mellow synth arrangement and crisp pads layered over bass-pulsated drums.


Crillfingers – “Beautiful Mourning”


“Beautiful Mourning” by Crillfingers is a reflective and sublime piece that blends different sounds seamlessly. From the electronic textures, punchy hip-hop grooves, and overall solemn vibe, he brings something different to the mix. He adds that the track represents the sorrow, confusion, forgiveness, regret, hate, and compassion that arrive at unexpected and uninvited intervals.




JD BASSY presents to us his new beat “WAKE UP” an experimental piece that blends trap drums, and trip-hop elements with ethereal textures.

Two Tonez – “Godlike”


“Godlike” is an ethereal and soulful piece from producer Two Tonez who brings something different to the list. from the sparse drum breaks, jazz horns, pulsating basslines to the angelic vocals, the result is a mind trip from start to finish


Crillfingers – “Fade to Black”


Crillfingers help us wrap the list with “Fade to Black” a cinematic beat that is ripe with experimental sound design and off-kilter arrangement. There is so much to unpack here as the beat grows as it progresses

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