It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Sun Thru Trees – “Milkdromeda”

Sun Thru Trees goes for an alternative, somewhat offbeat style on his beat titled “Milkdromeda.” It is quite interesting and has a handful of switch-ups from boom-bap, trap-Esque grooves all over exotic soundscapes
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Farouk Sen – “DAY 2”

Farouk Sen‘s “DAY 2” is a chilled bouncy beat made up of lush synths, soulful guitar plucks, and reflective textures that we all can rock to.



Blanka – “Moonlight Dance” Feat oOgo

Blanka and oOgo (member of La Fine Equipe.) team up for “Moonlight Dance”
The track has a nice midtempo bounce and warm vibes peppered by nostalgia-inducing flutes and a multi-layered soundscape.
this is the second single from Blanka’s album flares to be released on October 30, 2020




Keon Octave – “Nurse Joy”


Keon Octave‘s “Nurse Joy” sounds like a trip into time. From the lush solemn textures and dreamy pads to the soft drums and haunting vocal chops, the sure brings something engaging to the table.
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M.V. – “Please Don’t Leave – Instrumental”

M.V. ‘s “Please Don’t Leave – Instrumental” has a funk-inspired punch with its atmospheric synths, airy wobbly bass and bouncy drums. The build-up is dope too and new elements do come into play as it progresses
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THCLUTCH x 7imoncello – “Fatal Attraction”

THCLUTCH and 7imoncello‘s “Fatal Attraction” has a cinematic and driving feel. The keys are smooth and the warm bassline does add a nice touch to it. The vocal sample used here too is solid and helps switch things up
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Sun Thru Trees – “Syzygy”

“Syzygy” is an instrumental medley by Sun Thru Trees and its’ almost 6 minutes in length. It packs more than a handful of styles from salsa infused trap, downtempo to classic gritty boom-bap.
This is truly the Bohemian Rhapsody of beats as Sun Thru Trees puts it.
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Tortilla Katour – “Graape”


LA-based producer Tortilla Katour shows off his lofi hip-hop skills with “Graape.” A beat that is neck-snapping, moody, and somewhat funky as well. He told us he made this beat using live drums, a Moog, and a Gaia.
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First.Owl – “Yugen”

First.Owl makes his entrance on our list with this synth-heavy beat titled “Yugen.” The downtempo vibes are solid and the vocal chops sure add a dreamy feel to it as well.
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Key One – “Cloud”

“Cloud” is a super smooth and uplifting cut from Key One. The beat has a sunny. and soulful feel all through.
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FRANZ – “Love Story”

FRANZ dives into the emotional territory in his new beat titled “Love Story.” From the warm basslines, dreamy keys, and sultry vocal chops, FRANZ really draws the listener in with the soulful elements from his production kit.
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YourFavorite – “Thin Lines”

“Thin Lines” is a laidback lofi bop from producer YourFavorite who has been on our list before. Once again he pulls out a trick with smooth keys, airy vocal samples, and neck-snapping drums to match.
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Sbeady – “My World Is You”

Sbeady comes through for us and this time he delivers a solemn piece “My World Is You” that is really emotional and solemn. The use of the rain effect and lush guitars do make it solid from start to finish.
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NICO.x3 – “OuterLimits”

NICO.x3 takes us off-world with “OuterLimits.” The style is pretty strange and cinematic. The sparse drum arrangement, obscure textures, and haunting vocals at the end really take the cake.
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Acr0bat – “Dust”

Acr0bat drops new single “Dust.” an experimental piece that is made up of dreamy keys, glitchy effects, and a whole lot of layered sounds. It’s hard to box this style but its quite engaging

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