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DaftGiraffe – “Close Your Eyes”

DaftGiraffe helped usher in this week’s playlist with his newest release titled “Close Your Eyes”. The soulful track is the perfect way to start as it gives listeners a glimmer of hope with it’s dreamy and ethereal pads, warm strings and an overall mellow soothing vibe.




Nick Wolf x Dokkodo Sounds – “You Said Wait Here”

The duo of Nick Wolf and Dokkodo Sounds team up for this blissful collaboration titled “You Said Wait Here”. The lofi tune is soulful, reflective and nostalgic all at once. The slick guitar phrases, warm pads and offbeat drum grooves all work together in a seamless manner.


Sihu – “I’ll Be Home Soon”

UK producer Sihu offers some soothing vibes with his new release “I’ll Be Home Soon”. The track is made up of laid-back grooves, lush guitar riffs and warm textures that are perfect for an evening downtime session.



Damien Sebe – “Azure”

Damien Sebe returns to our playlist once more with his latest effort titled “Azure”. The aptly titled track has a prevalent sombre guitar phrase and moody strings underpinned by a pulsating bassline and rich warm texture.


melloe – “i’m in a yard but nevermind”

melloe delivers some smooth and calming vibes with his new offering titled “i’m in a yard but nevermind”. The textures and guitar pluck are dreamy, and sublime and have a soul-stirring effect that listeners can rock with.


Hero Dog – “colorblind”

Hero Dog gives us his view with the eclectic instrumental titled “colorblind”. The way he weaves sombre textures, dreamy pads and upbeat drum grooves into one is quite remarkable and ingenious. The ebb and flow, nostalgia and reflective aesthetics all merge into one beautiful piece that is both soothing and vibrant.



Ebi Soda – “Soft Peng (Remix by JD. Reid)”

UK-based instrumental band Ebi Soda teamed up with prolific DJ/producer JD. Reid for a remix of the quintet’s song  “Soft Peng”. The record is a genre-traversing tune that blends soul/jazz/lofi with DnB sensibilities. The warm textures, low tone keys and cinematic pads all seamlessly flow into each other while the groove slowly builds up to a crescendo.

“Soft Peng (JD. Reid Remix)” is the latest follow-up release to Ebi Soda’s highly acclaimed sophomore full-length album Honk If You’re Sad.



MEM_MODS – “Knotty Pine Kitchen”

MEM_MODS is a musical trio made up of Paul Taylor, Steve Selvidge, and Luther Dickinson who teamed up after their lives got altered by the global pandemic a few years ago. The result of that led them to create their self-titled debut album, MEM_MODS Vol. 1, which will be released on Peabody Records on February 24, 2023. In the interim, the trio now share the single “Knotty Pine Kitchen” to give listeners a taste of what to expect. The track has a mellow groove and soulful, almost nostalgic feel that takes listeners down memory lane.


MonoCulture – “New paths”

Germany-based producer MonoCulture gives us some pure lofi vibes with his new release “New paths”. The piano progression is engaging and silky while the ethereal synth pads and lush strings work together seamlessly.


Simon Drago – “Espresso”

Simon Drago‘s”Espresso” is a calming and dreamy beat that sounds therapeutic to the core. The bright guitar plucks, warm pads and soft drums all coincide with such clarity and give listeners a blissful vibe.




Nathan Hui-Yi – “Our Last Escapade”

Australian producer Nathan Hui-Yi caught our ears with “Our Last Escapade”, a soul-jazz-infused effort that is both relaxing, reflective and engaging from start to finish.



Lonesome Bones – “Different Plane of Existence”


SoCal emcee and producer Lonesome Bones makes a solid entry on our list with his latest effort titled “Different Plane of Existence”. The track is built on a classic drum break which is underpinned by sombre layered textures made up of sublime guitar licks, dreamy pads and a pulsating bassline to boot.


Jazzyspoon – “Ghosted”

Denver, Colorado, USA-based electronic producer who goes by the moniker Jazzyspoon makes his entry on our playlist with “Ghosted”. A punchy and epic tune that is ripe with moody textures, off-kilter glitch effects and punchy drums and obscure and engaging sound design to boot.

Zank – “Bitter”


Zank‘s “Bitter” has an introspective feel as the piano progression really takes listeners deep in thought. The sound design is brilliant as well and the filter effects and rumbling textures add a psychedelic feel to it.

Tokoname x Starburst Records – “Glowing”

Tokoname and Starburst Records team up to share “Glowing”, a chilled sombre tune made up of lush keys and downtempo drum grooves. The moody strings that come up as the track progress sure add a nice touch to it.

Benny Brassic – “Pina Colada”

Benny Brassic‘s “Pina Colada” has a 90s R&B feel with its mellow and sombre vibe. The track is relaxing and has a chilled feel that listeners can rock with.

Fruits Of Lofi – “Beach Ballad”

French producer Fruits Of Lofi takes us into the reflective mode with “Beach Ballad”. The track as its title suggests, is a relaxing and soothing track that is made up of bright guitar plucks, soulful textures and soft percussions with the sounds of sea waves crashing gently on the shore.

Mr. Freed – “Templum”

Mr. Freed‘s “Templum” is a masterclass in r&b/lofi infusion. The groove sure is punchy and the guitar riffs really merge with the warm strings and airy vocal chops as well.

Bequem – “Dreamscape”

“Dreamscape” is a lush melancholic beat by Bequem who makes a solid entry on our list. The production is summery too and has some bright guitar riffs and soothing pads to boot.

CAZA – “Paradise”


German producer CAZA takes us into “Paradise” in his latest effort. The track has a nice dance drum groove and exotic textures made up of lush plucks warm pads and a prominent bass synth that permeates the entire track.


BettaLife Entertainment – “Final Boss”


BettaLife Entertainment wraps up this week’s list with “Final Boss”, a befitting tune that sounds like the final level of a video game. The synths and plucks have an eerie and cinematic feel and the moody strings work well with the sparsely arranged drums.

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