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macj – “patricia


Krakow-based Polish producer macj returns to the forefront with his new release titled “patricia“. The track has a sublime feel with its warm textures, soothing melodic vocal sample and soft drum grooves to boot. The way the track ebb and flow is engaging as well.



Smokey Keys – “Wait For Me


Smokey keys share its new single “Wait For Me” a mellow sombre track made up of brooding string sections and hushed meloid runs that blend perfectly into the beat. He uses sublime synths and warm pads as well.



ETDub – “Something Wrong”


UK producer ETDub gifts us with “Something Wrong”, a punchy upbeat track that is inspired by the Chicago Footwork/Juke scene as well as Jersey Club. From the classic string samples, rousing shuffled drum grooves and vocal samples, ETDub brings something refreshing and new to the list. This is utterly brilliant.


Domnxn – “Lonely Nights”


Italian beatmaker Domnxn gifts us with this somber tune “Lonely Nights” which is as sublime as they come with Atmospheric pads and strings with soft drum grooves to boot. Pure blissful lofi vibes we all can rock with


Chxse Bank – “Wind”

Emerging producer Chxse Bank brings to our attention his newest release “Wind”, a chilled lofi tune ripe with warm guitar licks, warm textures and soothing vocal samples laced over mellow drum grooves.


Killer Bee – “violet”

Killer Bee shares “violet” which is the last song of his newest tape Flowers. Pt. I. The track starts off on a mellow tip with warm textures, smooth vocal samples and an anime vocal clip amongst other layered sound textures. It sure switches up in the middle section with rapid hard-hitting drum and bass grooves. It’s quite energetic and off-kilter.



delmontestudio – “Consequence”

delmontestudio gifts us with “Consequence”, a melancholic and reflective piece made up of layered alluring pads, crisp synths, and punchy trap drum grooves to match. The progression is quite enthralling and slowly builds into a soul-stirring crescendo with a lot of ebb and flows.



bo: – “Hang In There”


We head to Norway with producer bo: who brings us a refreshing and exotic-sounding beat titled “Hang In There”. The lofi jazz aesthetics are fused perfectly with off-kilter sounds with an overall melancholic vibe.


Elijah Nang x Soul Food Horns – “Itadakimasu”

Elijah Nang and Soul Food Horns gift us with this lofi/neo-soul infusion titled “Itadakimasu”. The use of field samples, dreamy soundscapes, and jazzy arrangement with that bouncy hip-hop vibe sure make for a brilliant listen. Perfect for a neo-soul singer and possibly a rapper to kick some soul-stirring bars over.


underdusk – “Where Did Everyone Go?”

underdusk got something for us as he drops this somber and dreamy beat titled “Where Did Everyone Go?” on our list. The laidback drum grooves, sublime pads, and shimmering sound design sure take listeners back in time to when one could put their worries away.


Next B day – “Float”

“Float” is an upbeat and bright beat provided by Polish producer Next B day. The soundscape is uplifting and the bright guitar plucks are perfectly aligned with the riffs and smooth bass-laden grooves.


oblonn – “I L L U S O R Y”

UK producer oblonn brings in a soulful/lofi flavor in his new release titled “I L L U S O R Y”. from lush acoustic guitars, warm pads, and pulsating basslines, the track gives off a homely and welcoming vibe.


lo-fi eamonn – “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) (Robert Wells and Mel Tormé Cover)”


lo-fi eamonn covers the classic “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) ” and it’s pure bliss. The bells are heartfelt and nostalgic and the soft grooves blend perfectly with the basslines and Rhodes progression.


Pete Mac x Nick Wolf – “New Digs”


Irish producer Pete Mac and US producer Nick Wolf team up for “New Digs”, a soothing piece that blends crisp guitar plucks with sad pads and a moody bassline. This is a perfect backdrop to study or do chores.



Jona Kandaly – “Roof Gardens”

Italian producer Jona Kandaly makes his entry on our list with “Roof Gardens”. The track is made up of ethereal textures, melancholic keys, and pads with soft drum grooves. The sublime horns that come in later are quite engaging too.



Exact Opposites- – “Metaverse”

Exact Opposites shares “Metaverse” taken from Between the Breaks 2 which is the second installment of his instrumental collection, exclusively produced by Mekanism of EO. “Metaverse” is a blend of punchy drum breaks, brooding soundscapes, and airy pads layered seamlessly together.





vhskid. – “Imagine Us There”

vhskid gifts us with this ethereal piece titled “Imagine Us There”. Made up of warm textures conjured in lofi aesthetics, soft drums, and lush key progressions, the track gives a purely nostalgic feel that listeners can rock with.

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