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Gruber Han$ – “Mamba Rise”

Gruber Han$ treats us to some sublime lo-fi/jazz vibes on his new release “Mamba Rise.” From the smooth keys, warm basslines, and airy textures, the track slowly rises and keeps the ears locked in






Ogi feel the Beat, Aleksandar Cupara – “Groove Foundation”


Ogi feel the Beat and guitarist Aleksandar Cupara team up for “Groove Foundation” a cinematic and thrilling beat that sounds like something from a 70s action flick. The textures are ethereal and the guitar solo just blends in naturally as the drum grooves kick in with ease.

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Yvonne Moriel – “lofi.”

Austrian saxophone player and composer Yvonne Moriel makes her entry on our list with “lofi.,” a sublime instrumental that blends a handful of genres together. From electronica stylings, soulful textures and jazzy horn sections and warm bass lines, she delivers an off-the-cuff production that doesn’t conform to the norm. “lofi.” is her second single from her forthcoming EP Sweet Life which is scheduled for an October release.





David Myles – “New 80”

Canadian instrumentalist David Myles shares this new piece “New 80” off his recently released LP titled  That Tall Distance. He blends a healthy dose of jazz, blues, and soul and the result is a soul-gripping, reflective piece built on anthemic horns, sizzling guitar riffs, and warm textures that cuddle the ears.

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Vicstradamus – “Dark”


Vicstradamus shares a new release titled”Dark,” a cinematic ominous track that sounds like a scene from a sci-fi horror flick.

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BeClos – “03:30 am”

Singapore producer BeClos shares his new single “03:30 am.” A somber guitar-driven piece ripe with dreamy textures and a soft drum groove to match the emotions that come with missing someone you adore.


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David Cutter Music – “Dar Dar Dar”

David Cutter Music delivers lo-fi jazz  vibes on his new release “Dar Dar Dar.” From dusty horn riffs, dreamy keys and soft drum grooves and alluring textures, the producer sure keeps the ears locked in with his mellow, nostalgia driven backdrop.



Big Lo – “Philadelphus”


Big Lo goes for an unorthodox and ethereal vibe on his new release titled  “Philadelphus.” The production has a sublime texture and it’s somewhat nostalgic too. This is taken from his six-track EP An Ode to Beatrix Potter.

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BLKSCNTST – “Let’s Cook”

Jah Born shares the instrumental version of the song he made with BLKSCNTST titled “Let’s Cook.” The laid-back beat is ripe with lush somber keys, soothing vocal samples, and snapping drum grooves. It’s quite alluring and well crafted.

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Stay Nice – “That FULLness”

Australian producer Stay Nice thrills us with some soothing guitar-laden instrumental titled “That FULLness.” A nice blend of soulful aesthetics, snapping drums, and pulsating basslines to match.

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Release Your Stress”


Ogi feel the Beat shares “Release Your Stress” a laidback sublime beat ripe with dreamy strings, moody bassline, and crunchy boom bap drums to complete the job. It is taken from his Endless Searching project.

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drum pedro – “Dilemma”

drum pedro cranks up the heat with his new single “Dilemma.” He employs thick punchy drums, cinematic stabs, and moody strings on this one and it’s solid from start to finish. Taken from his upcoming album Night Raven.

888 Producer – “Say It”

888 Producer shares a new single “Say It” which serves a the intro to his Boombap, Vol. 1 project. The track is built on a smooth soul sample and punchy drums. It sure has some interesting switch-ups every now and then but it’s a smooth introduction nevertheless.

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The Pocket Guide To Lockdown Etiquette – “Voices of Reason”


UK producer The Pocket Guide To Lockdown Etiquette delivers a cinematic and somewhat psychedelic instrumental titled “Voices of Reason.” The production is quite engaging and packs a punch with its crunchy drum grooves and layered scenic textures.
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J Ravage – “Dark Chimera”


J Ravage goes back into the 90s with his new release “Dark Chimera.” He makes use of a cinematic texture and punchy drums reminiscent of that era. It’s quite engaging.
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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Charm”


DaMarcus VanBuren goes for a sublime and soothing aesthetic on his new release titled “Charm.” The drums are sparse and the use of pulsating basslines, airy vocal samples, and atmospheric synths work perfectly.
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Jah Born – “Sun Moon Star”


Award-winning producer Jah Born shares the instrumental of his song “Sun Moon Star” A laidback soothing piece ripe with warm textures, reflective horns, and punchy drum grooves. It’s perfect for studying to.
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Dude – “I’ll Stay Here”


The ever-working producer Dude returns to our list with “I’ll Stay Here.” A laidback happy-go-lucky beat with happy vibes bolstered by lush synths, sparse punchy drums, and soft arpeggios.


Isolated Gorilla – “Axe Battles”


Isolated Gorilla raise the energy levels with his new beat titled “Axe Battles” From the punchy drums, dark ominous textures, the producer creates a gripping piece that inspires the innate beast inside of us

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Larhythmix – “Yagé”


“Yagé” is a soothing reflective single by producer Larhythmix who was inspired by the beauty of Costa Rica. He crafts a reflective piece laced with warm basslines, crunchy drums, and soothing guitars to match.
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Gruber Han$ – “The Send Off”


Gruber Han$’s “The Send Off”caught our ears immediately after the hard-hitting drums and cinematic sound design kicks in. It’s quite dark too and the vocal sample chop adds a weird vibe to it.


Mount Willow x Alapio – “Dancing”


“Dancing” by Mount Willow and Alapio is a bright and uplifting piece ripe with soothing acoustic guitar plucks, warm bass lines, and crunchy drums.
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Haji Outlaw – “Noble Overcomer”


Haji Outlaw‘s new release “Noble Overcomer” is a soulful piece ripe with pitched-up vocal samples, anthemic horns, and solid drum grooves to complete the mission. A solid uplifting cut dedicated to those who triumphed over their fears.


Sleepless – ‘Til The End”


UK producer Sleepless closes out our list with the perfect soulful finisher titled “‘Til The End ” which also serves as the title track from his forthcoming album. The production has sublime guitar textures and reflective strings to match the mellow drum grooves

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