London-based musician/spoken word artist Yossi makes his entry on our site with a couple of tracks from his catalog. The tracks showcase his unique style over dark, cinematic backdrops and a penchant for painting vivid pictures and topics we can all relate to.

“No Religion” sees him teaming with singer Cole Dellar to provide a heartwarming melodic run on the chorus. Yossi delivers an impassioned performance rich with poignant lyrics that reflect on the dynamics of religion and how it affects everyone. He admits that he is not a religious person but he sure can appreciate the views of others. Yossi also reflects on how media can be biased towards a certain faith leading to misrepresentation across the board.

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The second track “Yellow Cars and Empathy” is a nostalgic and heartfelt track that dives into blossoming love and all the emotions that come with it. Yossi sure has a way with words as he weaves a plethora of metaphors and wordplay that would make his English teacher smile while listeners would certainly enjoy the vivid and evocative style.


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Yossi is a London-born spoken word artist, educator, actor, and filmmaker. Yossi has been creating from the age of 12 when he began writing lyrics in isolation at school and started performing with other young people at Chickenshed Theatre Company in north London. Yossi trained in Acting at RADA and went on to work as a professional actor touring the UK. Since Yossi was introduced to the art of spoken word in 2016 this has been his focus. Yossi’s unique style of poetry has led him to perform at venues like BAFTA, Tate Modern and the British Museum, and to have a series of his pieces featured by MTV. Yossi’s poetry questions, explores and portrays the modern world through the mind of a manic yet mindful millennial. Tackling topics like Mental Health, Technology, Nature, Love, Race, Education and Change, utilising spoken word, music, and film. Yossi’s spoken word will make you laugh and cry, while being astounded by his grime-inspired flows and theatrically executed performances.

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