We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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ghostschreiber – “yes and no”

“yes and no” is a new entry from German producer ghostschreiber who knows a few things about merging chill-hop and lofi. The guitars and sublime pads merge together with ease and offer the listener a perfect comfort zone.


smplsmth – “Light Fixtures”

Producer smplsmth illuminates the playlist with “Light Fixtures”, a smooth guitar-laden beat that is ripe with warm and atmospheric pads and soft drum grooves.



Sleep Powder – “spring”



Sleep Powder powers up our spirits with “spring”, a chilled but bouncy track that is made up of sublime and ethereal textures layered over one another in a seamless fashion.



Oslo Noire – “Behind The Dust”

Oslo Noire takes us “Behind The Dust” with this soulful and reflective beat that is both driving and moody all at once. The slow build-up and changes are quite engaging and keeps listeners locked in.


Hsuan Yuan – “Winter Ridge – Oriental Lo-fi”


Hsuan Yuan and TienYinMen team up for this epic piece titled “Winter Ridge – “Oriental Lo-fi”. The aptly titled record blends lofi elements with Oriental instrumentation in a seamless manner and bridges the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics.

Widen Island – “desire”

Widen Island thrills us with this reflective and sombre tune titled “desire”. The mellow keys, wobbly textures and soft drums all come together and create the most nostalgic vibe that one can ever get.

Domnxn – “Ghost Girl”

Italian producer Domnxn brings this sublime and ear-grabbing sound to our notice. The track in question is titled “Ghost Girl” and sure lives up to the name with its ethereal pads, dreamy bell-like synths, surreal sound design and soft drum grooves to match.

Ronins Musik – “Lumens”

Ronins Musik’s “Lumens” is a genre-breaking cut that blends electronic, lofi, chill hop with dark pop elements. The sublime synths, lush textures and overall moody vibe makes for a great listen.

Gerardo Millán – “Beautiful Valley”

Gerardo Millán drops this brilliant piece “Beautiful Valley” on our list and it’s marvellous. The mellow guitar riffs are soothing and the solemn keys also blend with the ethereal pads.

Akulta – “Lazy Rain”

Akulta‘s “Lazy Rain” takes listeners into the proverbial comfort zone with it’s wavy and surreal sounds. The layered arrangement and soft spaced-out drums all blend perfectly together.

Groove. – “Too Far Gone”

Prolific producer Groove caught our ears with this new effort titled “Too Far Gone”. The track packs a punch with its lofi sensibilities, soulful aesthetics and funk-laden vocoder riffs.

MYR x svbin. x Widen Island – “Feeling Raw”.


“Feeling Raw” is a sublime collaboration between MYR , svbin. and Widen Island and the result is a chilled, relaxing lofi cut made up of dreamy sound design, lush guitar plucks and warm bass phrases.

strewing – “Distance”

strewing makes his first appearance on our list with “Distance”. The track has a dreamy and atmospheric feel and the use of jazz elements adds a soulful layer to it.

MonoCulture – “Contemplation”

MonoCulture‘s aptly titled track “Contemplation” is a brilliant soul-stirring beat that blends chill hop, lofi and soul. The sublime piano progressions flow seamlessly over the solemn pads and soft drum grooves.

Less Gravity x DNTST – “Christine’s Lullaby”

Less Gravity and DNTST link up for “Christine’s Lullaby”, a sombre and atmospheric track ripe with moody textures, lush pads and an overall nostalgic vibe.

Slo Five x Hypntc – “Cruisin”

Slo Five and Hypntc got us in relaxed mode with their new release “Cruisin”. The track has lively jazz improv progressions, mellow keys and groovy drums to boot.

DaMarcus VanBuren – “5 AM Vibes”


DaMarcus VanBuren‘s “5 AM Vibes” is a solemn piano-driven chill track that is sublime and well-crafted. It flows easily and is perfect for relaxing with.


Paul Prodigy – “Better Place$”.


Paul Prodigy‘s “Better Place$” is a heartfelt and insightful track ripe with soft piano movements, mellow textures and steady drum grooves. The song as Paul puts it serves as his manifestation of wealth and peace. Inspired by his humble beginnings growing up in a financially struggling household, he aims to reach the apex and give back to his family and community.

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