We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Elaquent – “Tokyo Sunset”

Canadian producer Elaquent helps open up this week’s list with his latest effort “Tokyo Sunset”.  From the rollicking drums, sublime textures, and excellent sample chops, the veteran producer delivers a solid and refreshing beat to kick off the day.





Jomy – “Famous”

Jomy is back with a new gem in the form of this release titled “Famous”. The drum groove is punchy and the layered instrumentation is lush and somewhat reflective.




Soulful Playground – “The N Curve”

Soulful Playground‘s “The N Curve” is a mellow, sublime beat that is ripe with layered sample chops, wobbly guitar plucks, and soft drums. It has a nostalgic vibe too and is extremely reflective.

Soulful Playground was created by veteran hip-hop music producer & artist, Chris Vermillion.



Blondci – “Currents”

Blondci thrills us with a jazz/soul piece titled  “Currents”. Bolstered by smooth keys, warm basslines, and horns layered over a  groovy boom-bap drum break. The track is quite dynamic and switches up as it progresses into a downtempo bounce.





EricInTune – “Head Bobbin”

Emerging producer EricInTune makes his entry on our site with “Head Bobbin”. A west coast influenced tune that is made up of thick drums, bass lines, and wobbly synths. The arrangement is a bit sparse but it’s somewhat engaging.



playaKO – Reminiscin'”

Bulgarian producer playaKO gives us a heartfelt tune titled “Reminiscin'”. Just as the title suggests, the track is moody and solemn, from the sad strings, keys and ominous vocal chops, playaKO sure brings that pure sadness on wax.


bayamo. – “Morning on Laurel Canyon”

Bayamo.’s second single “Morning On Laurel Canyon” from his upcoming EP “Slow is Fast” is here on our list. The retro vibes made up of lush guitar plucks summer textures, and punchy grooves are what make it gripping.


Ben Ohr – “RAVE on ALMORE”


Ben Ohr is a 20-year-old Canadian music composer who produces music in a wide array of electronic styles. He makes his entry on our list with a new release “RAVE on ALMORE” which shows him blending vocal chops over ethereal textures and soft drum grooves.


Audio Dope – “I Closed My Eyes”

Audio Dope shares “I Closed My Eyes” off his forthcoming Instant Noodle Soup (9-track album) co-produced by Zois. The track is a moody and solemn piece made up of somber synths, rumbling trap drums, and a short vocal sample to boot.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Time Skip (Bells Ring) [Instrumental Version]”

DaMarcus VanBuren thrills us with the punchy release “Time Skip (Bells Ring) [Instrumental Version]” ripe with smooth somber keys, sparse bells, and somewhat moody textures to boot.



Prolific musician, producer, and DJ, El Dusty makes a grand entrance unto our list with his newest release entitled “UN ESTRELLA DEL DESEO” which serves as a precursor to his newest EP, Sombrero Galaxy!
“UN ESTRELLA DEL DESEO” is a cinematic affair ripe with rousing textures, punchy drum breaks, and a ton of vocal sampling from obscure films, documentaries, and unknown sources. He throws in some excellent vocal scratches as well to complete the job.
El Dusty will also kick off his Texas tour in support of the iconic Halluci Nation! Kicking off in San Antonio on May 25th, El Dusty’s live performance promises to be a must-see event. Accompanied by percussionist Camilo Quinone and Angel Ita on drums, the producer and DJ bring his live energy music to life on the stage.


MicroCosmicOrbit – “Rain 88 bpm”

MicroCosmicOrbit‘s “Rain 88 bpm” is a multi-layered experimental boom-bap beat laced with crunchy breakbeats, moody textures, and off-kilter sound design that switch into different vibes as it progresses


Jonny Rythmns – “March of The Martians”

Jonny Rythmns gets into something new with “March of The Martians”. an anthemic piece that has orchestral stabs, sparsely arranged drums, and moody textures. It is taken from his new hip hop/electronic fusion album called, Slow and Steady.


keep.sake – “astray”

keep.sake delivers a nostalgia-inducing and solemn piece titled “astray” on our list. The track has a soulful string patch, pulsating basslines, and sublime textures laced over punchy drum grooves.


Joe Sunrise – “Blackbird”

Joe Sunrise‘s “Blackbird” is a smooth guitar-laden beat ripe with warm soulful tones, short sax riffs, and soft drum grooves.


Ulle Kamelle – “(No) purpose In sight”

German producer Ulle Kamelle cranks up the vibe with his new release “(No) purpose In sight”. A moody piece built with somber piano progressions, ominous textures, guitar plucks, and solid boom-bap drums to complete the mission.


IDS – “Trucchi”

North London-born, Norfolk-based Music Producer IDS makes his entry with “Trucchi”, a vibrant cinematic piece made up of vocal chants, orchestral elements, and punchy trap drums. It’s solid from start to finish.


Wave Street Music – “Repair”

Producer Wave Street Music thrills us with his new record “Repair” which showcases his experimental style of production, From chilled, ethereal soundscapes, punchy drums, and lush guitar riffs and atmospheric textures, he brings a blend of soul-stirring sounds in a seamless manner.


MicroCosmicOrbit – “A Dog Stopping A Tornado”


“A Dog Stopping A Tornado” is a multi-layered experimental beat from MicroCosmicOrbit it takes several classic samples and breakbeats and blends them into something refreshing and new. He sure packs a lot from House of pain samples, a Kid Capri sample, punchy drums, and airy vocal samples as well.


keep.sake – “memoir square”

keep.sake comes through with a new single – “memoir square” to help close this list. The track has a nice smooth bounce and well-chopped samples that exude an uplifting vibe

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