It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Brandon Kai – “Push Me”

Florida rapper and music producer Brandon Kai makes his first entry into our list with this solid piece titled “Push Me.” He makes use of a smooth reflective texture and angelic vocal sample and crafts something we could all vibe to. “Push Me” is taken from his forthcoming EP In the Making. The project boasts a fusion of styles ranging from hip-hop to lo-fi. Get it on Itunes/Spotify





YourFavorite – “Tip For Q”

YourFavorite takes us back to the golden era with his new beat entitled “Tip For Q.” He blends jazz elements with that classic 90s boom-bap bounce reminiscent of the nostalgic sounds of A Tribe Called Quest.
Stream Brandon Kai On All Platforms HERE





Chords – “AI Wants His Stuff Back”

“AI Wants His Stuff Back” is a track taken from Chords‘ album Poisson Noir_sans bars. The beat is a mellow, guitar-driven beat that is reflective and alluring as well. It’s the seventh release from our 93 FEET BEATS tape series and it’s produced by Chords who is a true legend in the Swedish hip-hop scene. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer, and Soundcloud. Get the Album here.




Willis – “Iden’s Interlude”

Producer Willis shares his new beat “Iden’s Interlude” and it’s solid. He makes use of heavy rollicking drums and a unique sound texture that switches every now and then. There is a lot of sound design tricks here and the thick rumbling bassline also raises the energy levels. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer.




IK-EY x WHO – “Move [Banger]”


“Move [Banger]” by IK-EY x WHO is a heavy banger that takes inspiration from krump dance fused with a little bit of track. The drums are heavy from the get-go and the cinematic texture keeps the energy as vibrant as ever. As the title suggests, the track is all about being dynamic and on the move. Get it on Soundcloud.




Okvsho – “Umdanso”

Okvsho is not new to us and once again the duo brings us some good products with their new release titled “Umdanso.” The retro-tinged vibes here are solid from the lush guitars, smooth keys and undeniable grooves to match.
“Umdanso” is taken from the Boyoom Connective Compilation Endless Journey. The compilation features the usual suspects over at Boyoom as well as artists from all over the globe.




Dash Positive – “Back Then”


Dash Positive delivers some soothing vibes with his beat titled “Back Then.” The track has a nice summer vibe with its lush guitars, soft keys, and a head-nodding groove. This is something we can all relax to in this crazy period.
Get it on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.




Acr0bat – “quail egg”

Producer Acr0bat is back with some fresh “quail egg” as April comes to a close. he flips a classic soul sample and adds his own unique sauce into the vibe. Slowed down basslines, smooth vibes, and a head-nodding drum arrangement to complete the job. This is the first track from his new beat tape, Quarantape. Get it on Apple Music




Violentlyill x DJ Koncept – “Epoch”

Violentlyill teams up with DMC scratch champion DJ Koncept for this vintage-sounding beat titled “Epoch.” Violently ill cooks up a smooth backdrop while DJ Koncept comes through with the excellent scratch patterns that takes the listener deep into the history of vinyl makers. Get it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.



Urban Implosion – “Bridging Decades”

Urban Implosion‘s “Bridging Decades” takes us on an aural journey of epic proportions. The San Francisco beatmaker makes use of an obscure jazz record and flips it into something soothing and reflective for the listeners. He adds into the mix a plethora of sounds ranging from flute, trumpet, sax, and upright acoustic bass to finish the job. It is like bridging the old and the new as he merges the original jazz club melody with the contemporary vibe and concludes in a “live” setting. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer .




DCS Lefty – “Rough Waters”

DCS Lefty‘s new release “Rough Waters” is a nostalgia-inducing beat that takes the listener down memory lane. He goes for a nice mellow drum laced with smooth reflective strings and a soothing Spanish guitar. “Rough Waters” is taken from DCS Lefty’s newest album  The Untaken Path.
Get it on Apple Music, Deezer.



RINZ. x Hoffy Beats – “Chef’s Knife”

“Chef’s Knife” is the first collaboration between RINZ. and Hoffy Beats and highlights their mutual interest in cooking. It starts off with the sound of knives being used to prepare food and soon enough a smooth alluring guitar kicks in alongside a warm bassline and drum. The track evolves as more instruments like the sparkling keys and ethereal horns come into play. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud



Sbeady – “Oxymoron Without Contradiction”

Sbeady returns to our list with something out the box titled “Oxymoron Without Contradiction.” The beat has an ominous and somewhat cinematic feel going on with its low tone keys and fiery synth that comes on the chorus section.
Get it on Apple Music, Deezer, Bandcamp, and amazon





121569 – “Lopely”

The list closes with emerging greek producer 121569. His new release titled “Lopely” exudes a cinematic and suspenseful vibe. He makes good use of mellow drums and solemn textures that are layered to the right amount.
Not much is known about this producer as he likes to keep to himself doesn’t do much on social media. Get it on Apple Music

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