Francis Blvd. is the musical brainchild of Laval, QC-based artist Francis Gabriel-Alexandre, who has a knack for blending r&b/hiphop with a handful of other genres in his own unique way. His latest release “All Came From Me” showcases his distinct songwriting and vocal dexterity, as he makes use of a moody and cinematic backdrop as his canvas all underpinned by his rich melodic runs and commanding tone. On the track, he details how his upbringing made him who he is and uses his own childhood trauma as an impetus to be greater than his estranged father and breaks off all the negative elements he brought into his life.


After years of playing in several bands/collectives and in multiple shows, Francis started performing mainly as a solo artist in 2019, releasing a few singles and working on his debut EP, Radical Neutral, which is set to release in February of this year.


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