Seattle-based Bronx, NY-born Filipino-American rapper/slam poet Dahlay caught our attention with his new releases.

The first of which is the guitar-driven track titled “house tour” produced by Source. Here, dahlay delivers a vivid and engaging performance that is ripe with an engaging lyricism that helps set the tone and introduces him to new listeners. As the title suggests, the concept is hinged on the common practice of home searching and here, dahlay welcomes us to his home and answers all our questions to the best of his ability.


The following track “moving along” sees him teaming with producer Rory Butler who laces him with a sombre and soulful backdrop for him to paint his vivid pictures. The track centers on life, the process of making history and time in itself. dahlay talks about seizing the day, basking at the moment and never losing sight of one’s true goals.



He is also an amateur ukulele strummer 
Keep up with dahlay | Spotify: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Website

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