Up and coming R&B star The Weeknd (Canada) hit Terminal 5 in NYC the other week for a 3-day bang on his fall tour. Originally his NYC stop only included 2 shows (Fri & Sat) but Thursday was added to provide a chance for people to catch the show who weren’t able to cop tickets during the 3 minutes they sold out within on Ticketmaster. The show itself; incredible and beautiful. The crowd; massive and energetic. The Weeknd… disappointing.

Now, before you all start tweeting at me and jumping down my throat, hear me out. I love The Weeknd, always have and probably always will, no matter what mainstream road Drake will take him down. Been following The Weeknd since he had 5K followers on Twitter, now he’s got close to a million. Around the time House of Balloons dropped The Weeknd refused to even put out a picture of himself and when he finally did, it was basically a silhouette! He kept himself SO underground, so mysterious, which is why I fell in love with him. We had this raw talent (voice, lyrics, production; the works) that hadn’t been heard since the 90’s – and a mystery man behind it all. How does it get any better? Like I’ve said before though, I understand when one needs to get paid. So, he slowly leaked himself out there with the help of his Toronto native Drake and BAM! 2 and a half years later he signed to Universal Republic and began his tour.

Terminal 5 is hands down one of my favorite venues in NYC. The multi-level music hall that always fills up to capacity serves perfectly for a show like this. The entry line (no exaggeration) was around the entire block. He’s an R&B rockstar.

The DJ that opened the show got cut short, probably because The Weeknd couldn’t wait any longer to get out on stage; you could breathe the love in. He came on stage and the magic began. Props to the lighting crew and props to the sound guys, everything was on point with this. Now for the man himself. I’m not too sure why he felt it necessary to hide his band behind these huge white screens that projected naked women, but he did. I’m not sure if he was trying to fool us that he, himself was making the music out of his ass, but he still disrespectfully (in my opinion) shelled them off! And I won’t take the excuse “they wanted to be” because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little spotlight time? Apparently The Weeknd likes the entirety of it. And even when his guitarist came out for his 2 minutes of fame, instead of standing aside and letting him rip, The Weeknd deemed it necessary to spin some Michael Jackson moves everywhere, taking all eyes away from his guitarist onto him.

With that being said, his performance was a little douchey. Although his energy was up, his MJ kicks and need for attention just totally took away from the “mystery-lover” thing he had going on a few years ago, which is what his music and lyrics revolve completely around anyway!


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