Rising singer/songwriter Adée shares with us her new mini album Rosenlund 4270. The 7 track body of work is a collaborative effort involving her, producer Joakim Buddee, Birmingham rapper/vocalist Simon Jnr and Musician/ “tennis champion” Tom Ford.

“gold” is the first entry on the project and it starts with a moody, and somewhat atmospheric synth-pad followed by an atmospheric guitar lick that slowly ushers in Adée’s rich vocals. Here, she delivers an aspiration-filled piece dedicated to her son Arthur that explores the ups and downs of life, love and the in-betweens. Over the soul-stirring soundscape, her soul-stirring vocals float seamlessly as every fibre of her emotions is expelled. Here she reflects with the listeners with lines like “careful where you put your love and energy/don’t be scared to feel to focus on becoming who you want to be”, imploring them to dig deep to find their true selves. 


This is followed by “falling falling”, a soul-funk infused piece ripe with infectious percussion-driven groove and a pulsating guitar bassline and scenic pads to match. Adée dives into what true love feels like as she implores her lover to just let her fall into their soul and bask in the euphoria forever or at the very least, just a moment. Next up is “falling interlude”, a short skit that showcases her live performance feel with layered arrangement and exotic instrumentation.

“Tony” is a mid-tempo modern neo-soul/R&B piece that details the nefarious actions of an ex-lover who she had to cut loose for that very reason. Bolstered by a smooth and ethereal soundscape and hushed but bouncy drum grooves, Adée’s sultry vocals take precedence as she sets a reminder to herself not to cater to the individual name Tony because, at the end of it all, it’s not even worth it. “next bus home interlude” is a short break in transmission and help keep the dynamics of the project with it’s eclectic and experimental production. “next bus home” sees Adée teaming up with Tom Ford and Simon Jnr for a retrospective cut that dives into the lovelorn feelings that linger on as time progresses. The backdrop is rich and moody while the hushed sparsely arranged drums are peppered by her lilting vocals. Rapper Simon Jnr joins the fray and contributes an insightful verse to the track The track also benefits from the cinematic sound design that adds that extra emotional depth with a touch of nostalgia.


The last track is the playful “more a vibe than a sexy body” which captures Adée’s unapologetic and stylish demeanour. Here she calmly states that she has more going on beyond the physical. Backed by a rich and plucky acoustic guitar arrangement, she sings “More circus than safari/More Primark than Versace/More Volvo than Ferrari/More of splash than a Tsunami” with much gusto while reminding us that the simple things in life are as important as anything.


Overall, Rosenlund 4270 is as heartfelt as they come and it’s littered with relatable messages, soothing melodies and a rich palette of sounds that would cater to lovers of modern neo soul/funk/R&B with a touch of experimentation.





Stream Rosenlund 4270‘ on all DSPs here.

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