The Sickest Drama and Triple Threat are two straight up lyricists out of Jamaica and they both do damage on their latest collaboration titled Infinity Gauntlet. They both bring their A game on this hard hitting jam titled Infinity Gauntlet.

In the book of life, every leaf is a battle scar/ The way I look at life, I’m in the trees with the camouflage/ Centaurs having feasts with the senators…


Need I say more? Hit the play button and get with the program.


The Sickest Drama and Triple Threat are two MCs hailing from Kingston, Jamaica (aka the #FirstCoast). As students of the game and frequent collaborators, they have joined forces for ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, a high-level conceptual track produced by Massy The Creator. Cinematic in scope, pitting the two MCs against each other with duelling ideologies, the track finds each rapper compellingly offering different interpretations of a modern world in chaos. A sprawling epic backed by highly theatrical production, ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ has replay value¬†and thematic cohesiveness that sticks with the listener well after it fades to black.

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