Chicago-based producer and songwriter Chicago-based producer-songwriter The Novemberist takes us down memory lane on his new release titled “Stories, Pt. III.” The track is essentially a smooth jazz-infused piece with soft drums and lush guitar licks. The track also features a narration of several events by his mother that touches on the producer’s childhood.

The track is calm and quite alluring and serves as the perfect canvass for the stories being told that truly shows the listeners a glimpse into The Novemberist’s background. There are a lot of funny and quite insightful moments as well.

“Stories, Pt. III”, is one of three tracks from the upcoming, full-length project, Scenes, featuring The Novemberist’s parents telling stories from his childhood. This one, more than the others, reminded him of his mother: calm, positive, and enjoying the moment. The project is expected to be out sometime in June.

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