It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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 FRANZ – “Sense”

Emerging producer FRANZ opens up this weekend list with a solemn squeaky guitar-laden track titled “Sense.” It’s a blend of soul, lo-fi jazz and hip-hop. Well-crafted and will surely work as something to calm the nerves.

Get it on all DSPs here.



Drama Hights – “Marinata”


“Marinata” is a dreamy, atmospheric piece courtesy of emerging producer Drama Hights. The production style is pretty layered and ethereal in many ways. It’s solid no doubt. Get it on Spotify.



The OTH3RS – “Mundaze”

Houston based production duo The Oth3rs make their entry on our list with their style of cinematic production on their new track titled “Mundaze.” The title is a play off the second day of the week and has a laid-back, melancholic feel. This is the first single off the duo’s new project: The Tuesday & Thursday EP.



The Mindscape – “Into the Horizon”

The multi-genre composing producer who goes by the moniker The Mindscape shares with us his new track titled “Into The Horizon.” In true fashion, he sure goes above and beyond in giving the perfect mellow vibes laced with neck-snapping drums and then some. The Mindscape started as the lead singer of a band and has been making music since the mid-80s so imagine all the experiences he has garnered over the decades being poured on wax here. Let’s put some respect on the man’s name. Get it on Spotify.



Blockhead – “What That Dictionary Do?”

NYC based producer BLOCKHEAD is not green to the music thing and has at least a decade worth of experience with a plethora of albums (4 with Ninja Tune ) and collaborations with luminaries such as Aesop Rock amongst others. Hie new track “What That Dictionary Do?” is a solid neck bop laced with smooth textures, soul-touching vocal samples over disco styled drums.

Seph – “Brown Boy, Pt. 1”

Self-proclaimed enigmatic Seph‘s “Brown Boy, Pt. 1” takes us to another zone with his multi-layered production. It’s a mixed bag of triumphant brass stabs, rock styled guitars, sparse drum programming and pretty much unpredictable instrumentation. It’s quite off-kilter and engaging from start to finish. The track is a prequel to ‘Brown Boy, Pt.2’. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud



illutible – “Sol”

Australian producer illutible delivers a cinematic beat titled “Sol” for our playlist. The production is eclectic and has more of a cinematic and somewhat experimental vibe, From the ominous strings, thick synth basslines and off-kilter sound design. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify



DCS Lefty – “Atlantis”

DCS Lefty comes through with a standard bop titled “Atlantis.” He makes use of a dreamy, summery texture and lush sparkling keys over head-nodding drums on this one. He chops the soul samples very clean and neat on this tune. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer



The Novemberist – “Everlasting Love”


The Novemberist newest release “Everlasting Love” is a mellow, heartwarming beat dedication to his wife. He makes use of soft drums, a smooth piano chord, and soothing vocal samples to complete the job.
The track is featured on the album, Scenes set to drop on June 30, 2020. “Scenes” is The Novemberist’s first-full length album. Get it on Bandcamp.





Japanese beatmaker NICKELMAN delivers some laidback soothing vibes on his new beat “Fly.” He makes use of s soft jazz sample against neck-snapping drums. “Fly” is taken from the forthcoming “ButterWax”, a twelve-track instrumental LP, available on August 28th via URBNET. Using an MPC2000XL, SP-303, and Tape Echo, the record was produced entirely in NICKLEMAN’s home studio. Each track was recorded on to cassette tapes and then compressed. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud



Alec Galin – “Cold Harbor”

Santa Cruz, California producer Alec Galin is preparing to drop an instrumental EP and in the interim shares this solid cut “Cold Harbor” with us. The track has a mellow, atmospheric texture with sun-drenched elements too, he makes use of sharp drums that match the calm vibe. Not too hard, not too soft if we may add. This song is part of an EP.


xRGB – “Daddy Issues”

“Daddy Issues” by xRGB is quite interesting. It has a reflective type vibe with its layered synth and electric guitars that raises the ante to some degree. He did some unexpected switch-ups here and there with the drums and instrumentation which gives ita very driving energy.  Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify



JAKSPIN – “Realizm”

JAKSPIN is not green to us and on his new effort “Realizm” he delivers that good old soul-jazz vibes we need in these gloomy times. He blends lush keys, smooth guitars over groovy drums culminating in a solid summertime bop.
Get it on Spotify



illutible – “Overgrown”

illutible appears again to close out the list with the ominous sounds from his record “Overgrown.” The track is very melancholic and contemplative. Very calming too. Get it on Spotify

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