After the hype comes the EP… Usually such a brash title can be quite abrasive, and it probably isn’t a timeless classic – not that means it isn’t good, very few is in the Illmatic, Liquid Swords etc. category – so it may rub people up the wrong way. But I’d garner that it is more of an attention-grabbing title than a statement and if you let that put you off then you do miss out on 8 raw Hip Hop tracks. South African producer The Militia serves up head-nodding, epic boom-bap, golden era ish fit to grace many an album, and the guests, who include The Legion, Skyzoo and Rome Clientel, do the beats justice. So while this won’t quite live up to its name, it is an EP that will get much rotation that’s for sure. So while this post may seem like a backhanded compliment, don’t be mistaken: it’s dope.