The Black Canvas is a Raleigh,NC based 3 man group consisting of Sonyae, P.A.T. Junior and TheDeeepEnd. Recently formed, the group just released their debut single in the form of this dark, edgy and thought provoking cut titled BLCK OUT where they touch on the ever dicey subject of race and related issues.

A brilliant one if you asked me. Hit the play button and get familiar with The Black Canvas

The Black Canvas (or BLCKCNVS) is a collective hailing from Raleigh, NC that comprises of three strong solo artists: theDeeepEnd, P.A.T. Junior, and Sonyae. They recently released their first single as a collective entitled “BLCK OUT.”, which so fittingly discusses race, a call to make better art, black pride and just honestly contains some greatly written verses. They each have a unique voice, cadence and flow that complement each other on this P.A.T. Junior produced track.  Hopefully, this collective continues to deliver more great (if not better) content like this to the public.
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