P.A.T Junior‘s work ethic is pretty incredible to say the least. He has been quite consistent with the releases and hasn’t missed a beat or dropped the quality. His debut LP “Learning To Live (In A Day)”” came last August followed by a slew of singles and videos especially the enthralling “SOTB (Stepping Out The Batcave) “, P.A.T plays a dual role in all of these by writing and producing his own stuff.

His latest venture however is a 6 track EP titled “Black & Mild” which again gives us an insight into P.A.T’s world, from personal struggles, musical endeavors and much more. The features are pretty slim but the end product is something noteworthy.

If “Learning To Live (In A Day)” are the trials and lessons learned, and “SOTB” is the rise from redemption, then “Black & Mild” is the acceptance of those trials. “Black & Mild” is P.A.T Junior heading into the next chapter of his journey, “always forward” the closer with thedeeepend reminds us that regardless of trials & tribulations, we must continue forward. P.A.T. Junior chose to move forward and it brought him “better days” and the EP I present to you here.


Boosting features from thedeepend & ace henderson, “Black & Mild” continues to show P.A.T Junior’s vast set of skills in hip-hop. Never one dimensional, P.A.T Junior creates another sonically pleasing and thought-provoking release in “Black & Mild”.


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