London, UK-based indie artist Thandie makes her debut on TWIB with heartwarming melodies and organic vibes with her new single “Fast Cars.” Armed with honeyed vocals and knack for crafting relatable lyrics, the song showcases her dynamic range over the smooth and timeless R&B production with jazzy undertones (courtesy of producer Secret Stash) as she tells the tale of a past toxic relationship with an ex-partner who was an avid fan of cars. The track sure has a very soothing and honest look at her past experience and how it all changed her for the better in the long run.  She adds that the song stemmed from a real situation where she had to make the ultimate decision to either step up or step out as things weren’t going as she planned in the relationship and the title alludes to her ex’s love for cars

Thandie Bomvu is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from London, UK, and of French and South African descent

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