Tha Joint is the rap duo made up of Joey Golden and Jonathan UniteUs and their new single “H.A.MF” gives listeners a glimpse into one of their favorite past times. With the global pandemic and political unrest, the duo shows listeners how they unwind amidst the craziness in the world. It could be by blacking out to one’s favorite song or relaxing with their favorite strain of smoke. The duo make good use of the laidback and hazy backdrop to deliver their candid thoughts on the natural herb that helps calm them down.

Both Joey and JohnNY, from the New York City collective O.I.S.D., have a combined 15 projects (solo & collab) between 2012 – 2018 with their last and only collaborative effort back in 2014 (re-release in 2015), “The Operation” with Ross Munroe. Tha Joint takes on a new direction to redefine and solidify the balance in styles between the two artists, now working as a unit.

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