Mars has absolutely become one of my favourite Hip Hop artists – in fact, he even made it on to my personal Top 10 Of 2012 list with his debut. Intelligent lyrics and just the most soulful, simplest production, which reminded me a lot of Jeremiah Jae, made me catch my attention. It’s just so nice to listen to. So it was through Mars that I found this release, a collaborative effort with Tessuroh. I really struck gold with this one, because Tessuroh is equally so damn nice.

I don’t know how the two are related but they hooked up on this one and I’m glad, because Tessuroh’s Bandcamp is like a treasure trove of dope Hip Hop. So, on C O A L, Mars provides the production, typically exceptional loops, nothing too extravagant but more than enough to paint the picture (a sign of a very intelligent producer, and a style I really like and respect) with Tessuroh on the lyrics and he rinses every beat. So, two birds one stone, let their music make their acquaintance…

More Soul Than A Platform Shoe

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