Wetalksound is an online community that houses a pot pourri of artistes and creatives, bringing together their alternative sounds from Nigeria albeit Africa under one umbrella if you must. Thanks to them, the light gets shone on people who would be hard to discover in the midst of the very popular afrobeats sound. It is on this that our in-house editor and producer, Teck-zilla gives us an offering with a guy called Shakez Baba and we are loving it. Long Distance is the song and the mood is truly captured by the sound Teck-zilla supplies garnished with the delivery and flow of Shakez Baba. Interesting thing to note is that this compilation dropped on valentines day and whilst everyone is all loved up, Shakez is in pain as his love interest is out of reach. I know this will take you someplace different when you listen and you just might be motivated to listen to the whole compilation.

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