At Word Is Bond, we don’t deal in counterfeit. You won’t find a Versace with terrible stitching, nor will you find a con artist, and you certainly won’t find any of those whack MCs. Tanya Morgan need little introduction. They bring the realness in full, and this is the language Word Is Bond speaks.

‘For Real’ is a brand new track from these Hip Hop (metaphorical) twins, who’ve been quiet recently. 6th Sense – not part of the duo I should add – is on the production with that neo-soul, neo-jazz vibe, the stuttering bass and gentle drums underpinning a legato electric piano, as Von Pea and Donwill trade rhymes on the top. This channels that old school flava and leaves you with that good feeling you get when you listen to a track which is crafted with intuition, soul and intelligence.

This is from Tanya Morgan’s upcoming album Rubber Souls due out in the summer. But for now, listen to this track and vibe out.

Though Tanya Morgan recently contributed guest bars to Space Mountain, a track off Koncept

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