I never really paid Mndsgn. much mind until relatively recently, when I heard  this amazing Dead Presidents flip. Since then, I’ve kept my ears to the ground to see what he was coming out with, so let me present his latest release bed. Definitely bed daps for spiritual naps, this short gathering of lo-fi, mellow beats verges on the line of being a little too experimental for that true head-bobbing experience (you know when you just listen to a track and about a minute in you find yourself funking without even knowing it? Like that. I caught myself skanking in the library just yesterday though, so be careful) but stays on the right side, raw but soft. At $8, it is fairly heavily priced, but if you are a fan of that Flying Lotus vibe then this is definitely one to peep, as well as previous inclusions of Mndsgn. on our blessed website.

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