Tamara Bubble is a singer/rapper/actor, a multi talented individual who caught our attention with her energetic vibes. Her new song “Laundry” is a display of fierce lyricism laced with bravado and an intense delivery to match. The song is taken off her recently released EP titled “YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER IS A GIRL” which can be streamed HERE 


1. Laundry (prod by @ its_dagod )
2. Move Ya (prod by @ bombprod205 )
3. Splurge (prod by @ bombprod205 )
4. Rumors (prod by @ beatabuzapat )
5. Cute Panties (prod by @ bombprod205 )
6. Pringles (prod by @ thecratez )
7. Give Me My Flowers (prod by @ thecratez )

On this EP release, Tamara doesn’t shy away from the stigma of being labeled a “female rapper” as long as you know she’s your favorite rapper PERIOD. Tamara Bubble is primarily known for her signing in many genres, but she’s back with 100% bars this time because her fans asked for it! Within 7 tracks, Tamara will turn you on, make you dance, think, and lyrically turn you out! Topics include domestic violence, gambling vs. saving, investing, business ownership, dealing with rumors, gossip, death and much more! Tamara’s creativity knows no bounds and is far from “girlie”.


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