The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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El-Nuri – “Ppr Bagz”

Emerging emcee El-Nuri opens up the list with this moody track titled “Ppr Bagz.” Backed by crunchy drums and dark vibes, El-Nuri delivers a stream of consciousness performance laced with evocative lyrics.



Rosebudd – “Hazy” (featuring GL & Seline Haze)


Rosebudd ‘s”Hazy” is a heartfelt tribute to the culture of hip-hop and how it made her who she is. Over a smooth soulful backdrop, she delivers pure adulation to the artform and joined by GL & Seline Haze who add their own 2 cents on it.
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Trust Tate – “Sleep Paralysis”


Trust Tate pours all his emotions on wax on this tune titled “Sleep Paralysis.” over a dark somber backdrop, he details his mindstate after a hurtful breakup.



Jon Hannz – “The sum of it all”


Jon Hannz takes time to reflect on life and its unpredictable dynamics on his new single “The sum of it all.” He makes use of a somber piano-laden backdrop to share his thoughts and implores listeners to always keep their heads up despite the dark clouds above.
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Nathan Charles – “Roses”


Nathan Charles returns with a new single titled “Roses.” A mellow and laidback piece that sees the rapper going into introspective mode and pours his emotions on wax.



D’sinatra x dre barrs – “God Bless the Dead”


“God Bless The Dead” is the lead single to D’sinatra‘s and Dre Barrs forthcoming collab album titled Jesus & Judas. The track has a cinematic and moody vibe that sees both emcees in their element.
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Tee Peters – “WS3 Remix” Feat. Vacatixn (Remix by Mensing)


Tee Peters goes back in the lab to bring us “WS3 Remix” which sees him working with producer Mensing and emcee Vacatixn. The production has a somber jazzy vibe layered over a groovy drum beat that fits the emcee’s reflective and impassioned performances.
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Emerging Brooklyn rapper LAJUNE makes her entry on our site with this hard-hitting gem titled “YA.” Backed by a bouncy and booming backdrop courtesy of Calvin Charles, LAJUNE delivers an impassioned and vibrant performance ripe with a unique flow and lyrics that showcase her free spirit and versatility.



Jamar Carr – “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”


Jamar Carr delivers his own take on “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” and its pure lyrical brilliance from start to finish.




Somandla Nigel x Cairo Clarendon – “God’s Comet”


Somandla Nigel and Cairo Clarendon share their candid thoughts on society on this solid collaboration titled “God’s Comet.” Over a trippy and hazy backdrop, the emcees deliver impassioned flows laced with vivid lyrics on conspiracy theories that would provoke minds.



Honey Gold Jasmine x AjGod – “Smoke Buddy”


Honey Gold Jasmine and AjGod pay homage to the natural herbs on “Smoke Buddy.” A blend of smooth soulful vibes and the edginess of hip-hop make this tune enthralling. Honey Gold Jasmine’s sublime vocals are pure gold over the groovy and ethereal textures laid before her.
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BurrLin x Bxdhi – “Jeepers Creepers”


BurrLin and Bxdhi have teamed up to deliver a hard-hitting track titled “Jeepers Creepers.” The track sees the duo in their element over an edgy UK drill backdrop courtesy of Chris Rich. “Jeepers Creepers” is taken from the duo’s collaborative EP
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Lil’ Nate – “When I Grow Up”


South London emcee Lil’ Nate shares his new release “When I Grow Up” which caught our ears. Over a punchy somber boom-bap backdrop, he shows us a glimpse into his life, rough beginnings, and various influences that molded his young mind.
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Daugaard – “Change” feat. Jules, maurice bossa nova


Daugaard’s “Change” is a heartfelt single that sees him working with vocalist Jules, and emcee Maurice bossa nova. The laidback track is all about self-growth and taking time to smell the roses. Change is a three-track EP that covers the idea of a constantly changing world around us.






The trio of AB360, BAYOZ MUZIK and TiZ EAST team up for this genre-fusing piece titled “ATRAPIANO (HELLO).” Taking elements from the South African sub-genre Amapiano, Afropop, and hip-hop, the trio embarks on a new journey ripe with catchy melodies, fiery rapping, and a solid gripping beat that will certainly keep the party jumping.



Dax – “Dear Mom”


Dax pays homage to his mum on the aptly titled song “Dear Mom” Backed by a bouncy and guitar-laden beat courtesy of Lex Nour Beats, Dax pours adulation on his mother who raised him and sacrificed a lot to keep him on the right path.
The visual was shot by Logan Meis.
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Anthony OKS – “Clearly Now”


Winnipeg MC Anthony OKS shares his new single “Clearly Now,” on our list. Over a somber and reflective backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his candid thoughts. He delivers an impassioned performance laced with evocative lyrics and an uplifting demeanor. “Clearly Now” is from Anthony OKS’s upcoming EP, In The Garden. He is also a member of the illustrious rap group, The Lytics.




Saif x Amritha Shakti – “Change”


Australian Bangladeshi hip-hop act SAIF comes through our list with a reflective piece titled “Change.” The Sydney based rapper makes use of a melancholic backdrop and shares his thoughts on the world and how individuals can actually affect a change from within. The track is also bolstered by singer Amritha Shakti‘s melodic runs that add a soulful touch to the track.
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Kosha Dillz x Gangsta Boo – “Solo”


Kosha Dillz links again with Gangsta Boo for this solemn and heartfelt record titled “Solo.” The track sees Dillz reflect on his past and how far he has come while Gangsta Boo comes through with her perspective as well. The track sure speaks volumes to how sometimes we all wish to get away from the madding crowd ad be alone with our thoughts. The video release for “Solo” holds multiple levels of significance for National Astronaut Day / Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) and Space Day (May 7th), as well as Cinco de Mayo, being the 20th anniversary of Kosha Dillz’ first 7 felony drug charges, which led him to be on the path of music.

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Trak – “Slow Down”


Trak‘s “Slow Down” is a soothing and ethereal track that details the journey in this thing called life. He dives into the good, bad and unpredictable situations, and shares his takes on the situation. Trak is a rapper/songwriter originally from Egypt, born and raised in Qatar and Japan.
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Dialek Dubai – “Honor Black Queens”




Dialek Dubai takes time to pay homage to the black women in his life on his new release titled “Honor Black Queens.” Over a somber and groovy backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with nothing but adulations for his Daughter, Mother And Baby Momma respectively.



Cash Sinatra – “Peace of Mind”


Emcee Cash Sinatra searches for inner peace on his new single “Peace of Mind.” Backed by a soulful backdrop and a classic soul sample, he takes us deep into his mind state and everything going on around him. From bad decisions, sour friendships to seeking redemption, Sinatra shows us a wide spectrum of emotions and perspectives.
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Lena Dov – “Go Go Get It Get It”


Lena Dov‘s new single “Go Go Get It Get It” is a dance-infused motivational record that aims to spark our inner determination. Over the bouncy synth-driven backdrop, she drops a plethora of uplifting lines with a fun-filled exuberance that is both engaging and energizing.
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d.e.a.f. x BenOfficial – “Lockdown Ballad”


New Canadian/Ethiopian artist d.e.a.f. teams up with BenOfficial on his 3rd single entitled “Lockdown Ballad.” The laidback track is somber and sees the rapper reflect on issues ranging from friendship, mental health, and growth within a global lockdown. It’s very poignant and relatable on all levels.
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Tamara Bubble – “Been Bad”


Tamara Bubble is having fun with her new single “Been Bad” where he delivers an energetic performance over a vibrant backdrop. It’s a fun and engaging track. “Been Bad” will be featured on the forthcoming Hulu film Plan B coming out on the 28th of May.
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