I had to do a double take this morning when I received an e-mail saying “New free album from Ta-ku and Raashan Ahmad.” from Jakarta Records. They weren’t playing, and we get to see these two favourites of Word Is Bond collaborate on a fully fledged album. Jakarta have been killing it with the releases, including the magnificent Mad Writer, and to celebrate the records from Ta-ku and Raashan Ahmad that are set to drop on the label Low Fidelity, High Quality has been put out for absolutely no cost – digitally anyway, as they are selling vinyl for a few bucks. Good Guy Jakarta. Interestingly this was an album the duo recorded together while Raashan Ahmad was out on tour in Australia that bad been sleeping on Ta-ku’s hard drive, and I’m glad it’s seen the light of day.

Raashan Ahmad was on a euro tour some weeks ago and during his stop in Berlin we were talking music over dinner. I told Raashan that we are about to release an album with Ta-ku (which has happened in the meantime, check out the “DOWHATYOULOVE” album) and he asked me whether I knew that he recorded a full album with him some time ago during his last australian tour. No, I didn’t know that and getting my hand on the album turned out to be not too easy as it couldn’t be located for quite a while. In the end Raashan found it on an old hard drive and I was a fan of the album instantly. It’s raw hip hop in the truest sense. None of the songs are longer then 3 minutes, quite some are around the 2 minute mark. Nothing but dope beats and raps with some unreleased Ta-ku instrumentals sprinkled in between. 

In celebration of both artists releases on Jakarta Records this year we figured it would be nice to give it away for free digitally and even better we decided that pressing it on wax would be nice too. Only 250 copies, numbered, no repress, the first 80 copies on clear wax.

[wpsharely]Purchase Low Fidelity, High Quality: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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