Montreal, Canada-based musician Taigenz returns with his new 7-track EP entitled Life A Life. The project blends styles like trap and UK-drill with a modern aesthetic.

The project starts with the title track which sees Taigenz basking in his successes and reflecting on some of his personal loss while reminding us that we all have one life to live and might as well make it worth it. This is followed by two previously released singles “Maserati” and “Etoile (Hollywood)”. The latter details his first time on the West coast while the former sees him flexing on some broads who s him as their retirement plan but they have no clue what the deal really is. in “Crypthot”, Taigenz exposes the new digital hustle that these chicks are into and it’s both enlightening and hilarious. He flexes his verbal muscles on the opposition in “Pas idée” where he lets them know that they have no idea of what is going on. The EP closes out with 2 tracks “Dream About” and “1:15 am”. The former is an aspirational track that dwells on Taigenz’s journey and work ethic that led him to success and the luxurious lifestyle he deserves. The latter is a heartfelt reflective tune that digs deep into the things that made Taigenz tick, from personal loss, daily struggles, and more. Bolstered by a smooth afropop-infused soulful backdrop, he delivers a solid performance with vivid and evocative raps while a vocalist helps out with a soothing melodic hook on the chorus.

Stream Life A Life EP on all DSPs here.


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