Australian hip-hop collective Stray Plugz share their new release “Sustainability Is Important” with us this week and it’s a hard-hitting moody track ripe with vivid lyricism and engaging production. Bolstered by the ominous production courtesy of Pasobionic with additional production from group member Âróly Tärîq. The vocalist brings out the proverbial big guns and delivers a solid and ear-grabbing performance. It kicks off with 3‘s laidback flows and audacious lyrics about the need to stick in one’s lane, this is followed by L0V3R1‘s smooth cadence on the second verse. The record is purely raw and unfiltered and captures the unbridled energy of each member.

Stray Plugz is made up of 3, Riv Deep (Rara), Âróly Tärîq (Audego), Pasobionic and Wonky VS (Hedsbent).

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