A heads up to you readers, this is gonna be my last post for a month odd while I take time out to focus on exams. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you, you make WIB what it is and we’re grateful for your continued support; the feedback from the relaunch has been really out of this world. So keep stayin loyal, we’re grateful, you know where your underground fix is at!

I’m gonna sign out with one of the most favourite things I’ve ever seen. A bit of street art that’s so quintissentially British, it has so much charm, and is really hella cool.

A little introduction for you to give you a bit of context in case you don’t know. The Underground in London is our metro system, and on each train we have the usual maps. The Central line’s real useful, goes right from one side of London through the middle to the other, I used to catch it from Ealing all the time. I think I’ll catch it even more often now…

But London is no different when it comes to trains. They’re all boring as hell. So some genius, and I don’t use that lightly, thought of the best way I’ve ever seen of spicing them up. Forget the usual tagging on the doors, this is too good! Let me present to you Stickers On The Central Line, and have a check of the gallery in this article.

Also check out the ‘Stickers On The Central Line’ Facebook for more pictures and info.


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