New England-born singer-songwriter and producer Matt McKnzi caught our ears with his genre-bending style which takes elements from pop, R&B and hip-hop. His latest effort is two tracks “City People” and “Ghost” that showcase his distinct style.

The first track “City People”  is a rousing heartfelt track built on punchy drums, lush guitar riffs and scenic textures underpinned by his rich vocal runs and insightful lyrics that center on the dynamics of relationship building in a city where people don’t grow. Lines like “Pity I know, pity I know/People don’t change/And the city don’t grow” see him reflecting on the situation and digging into regret and sadness of it.

“City People,” is taken off his debut EP Ghost.



The second track “Ghost” is a relatable and heartfelt pop-R&B-infused track comprised of thumping 808-laden drums, cinematic and dark textures. Matt peppers the track with a rich layered melodic run and insightful lyrics that detail his experience with a toxic ex-lover and the steps he took to get back the pieces after leaving. Lines like “I couldn’t be your drug, fightin’ for your love/I was too unstable, daddy/I couldn’t be your role model/With the flow, taking every blow aimed at me” is as vivid as they come and give listeners a glimpse into his journey to recovery.


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