Sophia Thakur is back with a brand new effort titled “Kumasi” to commemorate the recent launching of her debut book ‘Somebody Give This Heart A Pen’. The single in question showcases Thakur’s artistic style as she glides the rhythm heavy backdrop with ease. Her soft vocals sure pack a punch with the heartfelt and passionate lyrics peppered all over the track. She takes time to tell a story of love and how falling deeply in it affects our individual energies on different levels. The title was inspired from her recent trip to Ghana where she collaborated with musicians and schools across Accra,

As expected, she doesn’t shy away from her message-driven style and proceeds to entertain and enlighten the listener from start to finish with the afrobeats infused beat. “Kumasi” is the first of many tracks that aim to showcase Thakur’s transition from poet to music-led spoken word artist, combining words with music and social responsibility to push the traditional boundaries of poetry.

To celebrate the launch of the book and new single, Sophia will be taking over the Jazz Café in Camden with some very special guests and DJs on the 7th November. Get info/tickets here.

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