A friend put me up on Sonyae and I must admit I ain’t disappointed at all. This chick is straight out of NC, home to cats like Phonte and 9th Wonder which means she has to be on her game if she hopes to cause a stir. Truth be told, Sonyae is on her game on this track. Lyric is in check, message is in check and the flow is in check too; add to that the lovely beat Haze Beatz straight out of UK cooked up. I guess we all need to start paying attention to North Carolina now as it appears there are talents bubbling up in that section. Sonyae puts herself out there with the damaged good story, letting you understand that we’ve all been in a place of hurt before and what you do with that experience is up to you. This is soulful i should warn so only enlist if you are down for the ride.

[wpsharely]Download Damaged Goods: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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