So in case you didn’t know, Stones Throw have cooked up possibly one of their highest profile releases yet. I don’t know what genius decided to throw Snoop Dogg (who uses alter ego Snoopzilla on the album) and Dam-Funk together to make music, but the result is the duo known as 7 Days Of Funk who announced they will release a self-titled album on the 10th of December. The album will feature predominantly funk and R&B tones with hip-hop thrown in to the mix, keeping true to old-school roots. This is the first time Snoop has worked with a single producer on an album since Dr Dre on Doggystyle, and with the man having sold over 30,000,000 albums worldwide, it will no doubt bring a load of attention to the independent label – who continue to be one of the freshest out there. Peep the album work, tracklist and features after the jump, as well as a good in-depth interview on Pitchfork. This should be a release worth looking forward to.

  1. Hit Da Pavement
  2. Let It Go
  3. Faden Away
  4. 1Question? (feat. Steve Arrington)
  5. Ride (feat. Kurupt)
  6. Do My Thang
  7. I’ll Be There 4U
  8. Systamatic (feat. Tha Dogg Pound) (Bonus Track)
  9. High Wit’ Me (Bonus Track)

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