This is something fresh coming straight from the duo Smoke Rings (formerly known as Bonify). Taken off their debut EP Pavin The Way Vol 1, ‘Snow’ is a concept track that dwells on the MC’s – in this case Nox – state of mind as he goes through his daily routine. Backed by a groovy rhythm consisting of mellow kicks and snaps laced with jazzy piano chords and pitched down obscure vocals, the combination surely brings back memories of the golden years of hiphop.

The visuals are pretty nice to say the least as we get to see the lighter side of Montreal(even if its just a glimpse). Peep game after the jump.

Smoke Rings is a duo consisting of .nox, the mc, and Cliff, the producer. The duo was formed in late 2008 with the purpose of bringing music that was true to it’s member’s life experiences as well as remaining true to the spirit of Hip-Hop. With meaningful, poetic lyrics over some warm soulful and jazzy production, Smoke Rings manages to touch topics ranging from drug abuse ( Addicted ) to relationships ( Only You ) to even the regular stresses of being a college undergrad in Montreal ( Snow ). Smoke Rings focuses on bringing back the fusion between the words and the beats. That chemisty between the mc and the producer. That essence.

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