The sLangston Hues EP is a 20 track EP(10 original tracks, 10 remixes) served to us by Roots of Society member sLanguage. The sLangston Hues EP is a heavy dose of nostalgia if you asked me. A fresh blend of jazz, somewhat catchy vocal samples, 90s boom bap drums plus a distinct flow. Music wise-the dense layered soundscape will surely entice heads and passionate music lovers. sLanguage makes it a point of duty by harking back into the time of ATCQ, Pharcyde, De La Soul and channeling their spirit on this effort. Not saying he is jacking the style of the aforementioned artists but rather taking pointers and putting his own unique spin on the sounds from the 90s.

The variation of sounds on The sLangston Hues EP pretty much makes it a very easy listening project from start to finish and the numerous remixes further expands the soundscape twicefold.

Tune in and get with the program.

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