Nashville-based Skyline Brigade duo drops an anthemic single entitled “Own Rules” which seeks to break away from the norm. Backed by rich distorted guitar riffs and hard rock drums, the duo delivers an energetic protest against the social construct that has tried to keep them from maximizing their fullest potentials. The politically-charged track questions the authorities and challenges the protocols, not for the sake of it, but rather for the benefit of pushing the envelope for the next generation.  Aptly put as follows “…Read that book but I won’t renew / This Is my own life I make my own rules”…“, the duo stand out as the black sheep forging its own destiny.

“Own Rules” is Skyline Brigade’s third single of 2019, following on the heels of their hard-hitting, Donald Trump-inspired “BAD HOMBRE” and pop-infused song of recovery “BREAK UP.”


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