So, here it is, the last FreEP from Sinoptic Music. I gotta thank them on a personal level for introducing me to so much good music from West Yorkshire; when I came up to Leeds, I knew that while there was a bustling underground music scene I didn’t know the Hip-Hop scene was as dope as it is. But you look at the dope artists that came out via Sinoptic, and it’s like a WIB roll of honour! I mean, I included most of HashFinger’s discography on compilations (here & here) and Shedmen on The Magic Number. Also much thanks to Sinoptic for letting me come to one of their dope cyphers back in Spring. So, it’s a sad day, but use it to celebrate the artist that have come through with the last We Don’t Do S**t Hip-Hop. They’re dudes of their word. Download after the jump.

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Open letter from Sinoptic:

It only leaves for me to quickly round up where you can see our artists work in the post-Sinoptic era:

Hashfinger – can be found through his bandcamp and twitter @Hashfinger – the sky literally must be the limit in terms of possibilities and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him escalate to having the kind of reputation DJ Shadow or RJD2 had once he starts releasing physical albums. His EPs have been removed from the sinoptic bandcamp to ensure traffic and purchases are received on his site.

Lunar C – can obviously be found through his twitter @LunarCFT and on – his SewerSideSex mixtape is available from and he will hopefully continue to record at Sinoptic Studios.  If Lunar C isn’t on the same level as the likes of Professor Green/Example by the end of 2013 there’s something wrong with the music scene, his reputation has done a lot to get other Sinoptic artists seen and heard.  His debut album “The Lunar CD” will stay exclusively available on and there may be another batch of physical copies should demand require it.

DJ Hellblazer – is intending to carry on the Sinoptic name internationally by collating global artist on albums available from with info available via twitter @WDDSHH – this is a mammoth task so we wish him all the best with this – he will obviously continue his solo work which can be found on

Shedmen – are very much on ice following Addverse’s departure to New Zealand for an indefinite length of time, Imranimal and DJ Illas will be working together regularly however and can be found on twitter @DJ_Illas, @ImranimalWrites (and @bAddverse) – there are a couple of Shedmen albums left so be sure to grab them here

Flame Griller – are similarly on ice after Addverse’s departure, they are still writing but it’ll take time, so if and when Addverse returns to the UK it will hopefully be a project which will be unfrozen. Their debut album and t-shirts are still available from here and they are still on twitter @FlameGriller

JND – his Working Classics album is out NOW and he will continue to release beats for sale and his solo tracks – he is working on a band project with ExP which is set to go live in 2013, JND is available on twitter @Jas0nBeats

ExP – has deleted his personal twitter account but is still working from Sinoptic Studios (you can contact him on @SinopticStudios to book in recording/rehearsing/equipment hire or via this email) – his music will continue to be posted and as before he is working on a live project with JND, a bassist (Colin), a MOBO & Mercury nominated keys player (Luke), a guitarist (Andy) and a drummer (Ben – who was responsible for all the Sinoptic mastering – big thanks to him!!)

Finally a big thanks to everyone who ever blogged/reviewed/played Sinoptic releases including Bill Currie, Word Is Bond, Tha Beat Digga, Underground Me Now, Oxjam, Tarek @ ReprezentRadio, Bevin @ Blend Corp, Suspect Packages, Dirt Cheap, HipHopKings, JustGotBlog, UKHH. If we’ve forgotten you we apologise.

Also a big thank you to all the artists who made our artwork: Angry Nik/Major Kuts, Shnoots, Wes, Paul Scott, Oliver Lancaster Smith, Deprived Anxiety, Lucas Jubb & Angela Goodwin.

Thank you for supporting Sinoptic Music
Good luck with hip-hop
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